success theater

(名詞) 把旨在使別人相信你比實際還要成功的圖片和文章 PO 網。

Some people seem to have a special flair for self-promotion and self-aggrandizement, also known as success theater. While annoying for sure, this is usually damaging to the organization.

Success theater is noticeable by its frequent and persistent use of hyperbole, anecdotes and vanity metrics.
—Preben Ormen, "Success theater: you don't want to be in it," Preben Ormen's Blog, June 21, 2012

We've become better at choreographing ourselves and showing our best sides to the screen, capturing the most flattering angle of our faces, our homes, our evenings out, our loved ones and our trips.

It's success theater, and we've mastered it.
—Jenna Wortham, "Facebook Poke and the Tedium of Success Theater," The New York Times, December 28, 2012


word of post

(名詞) 由網路貼文,尤指由社群媒體或部落格上的貼文所傳播的八卦和消息。亦寫成 word-of-post

這片語顯然是仿效 word of mouth (口耳相傳) 所創造。

A small business that doesn't exist on social media sites can never take advantage of free word-of-mouth (or in this case, word-of-post) advertising that social media provide — advertising that's completely free and very, very effective.
—"Small Business Can Stay Competitive in Social Media," Wiki Law School, January 10, 2012

We've known for years that word-of-mouth marketing has been partially co-opted by word-of-post, but the power of that lesson continues to impress when words like Grey (as in Fifty Shades) cease to instantly invoke Goose, sky or sweaters.
—Michael Humphrey, "Learning From 'Fifty Shades of Grey,' Avon Books And Facebook Tap Social Romance Market," Forbes, October 16, 2012


tech-life balance

(名詞) 科技與生活的平衡 - 亦即科技的應用不會降低個人的生活品質或妨礙個人的人際關係。這是仿效 work-life balance (工作與生活的平衡) 所創造的詞。

Nevertheless, it's an interesting idea. What would life be like without the internet? Is it even possible any more? Many of us have become slaves to our smartphones. You can't get through a night out without at least nine Black-Berry-based interruptions. The commute is now an email catch-up opportunity. And I have friends who confess to checking their iPad updates before they say good morning to their wives. We are losing the tech-life balance.
—Matt Rudd, "Digital suicide is far from painless (subscription req'd)," The Sunday Times, December 5, 2010

A few weeks earlier, we had been chatting as a family about our tech-life balance and seeing if we could have some non-screen time (NST) — albeit in units of hours rather than days. No screens before school, all mobiles on the landing at night, no calls at meal-times-type agreements.
—Stephen Carrick-Davies, "Can our family escape the tyranny of the screen?," The Guardian, December 31, 2011


digital dualism

(名詞) 數位二元論 - 認為線上與離線是兩個截然不同且獨立之實體的看法。
digital dualist (名詞):數位二元論者。

I agree with most everything he says in the column because, besides the last paragraph, his column is a antidote to digital dualism—the idea that online and offline worlds are somehow separate entities, one "virtual" and the other "real." But his column brings back digital dualism at the end—and does a disservice, in my opinion, to the rest of his points.
—Zeynep Tufekci, "Breaking Bread, Breaking Digital Dualism," Technosociology, February 8, 2012

As someone who runs social media workshops in universities, I've become ever more convinced that many of the confusions which surround digital activity stem from a basic ontological misunderstanding of what online activity is. It's too frequently construed as something distinct from the 'real' world.

The reasons for this distinction, which has pithily been named digital dualism, are a fascinating question in their own right.
—Mark Carrigan, "Some quick thoughts about sociological realism and digital life," The Sociological Imagination, June 29, 2012



(名詞) 智障型手機 (非智慧型手機)。這是 smartphone (智慧型手機) 的相反詞。

注意:與 cellphone 的拼法一樣,smartphone 和 dumbphone 都是拼成一個字,而非 smart phone 和 dumb phone。


  • A: Do you play Angry Birds on your phone? (你有用手機玩「憤怒鳥」嗎?)
    B: No, unfortunately I still own a dumbphone. (沒有,很可惜,我還使用智障型手機)
  • Your phone is so lame it's a dumbphone! (你的手機好遜哦,那是智障型手機!)



(名詞) 自拍照 - 尤指使用智慧型手機拍攝、打算 PO 到社群網站的自拍照。

Log on to twitter, type in the hashtag #selfies, and watch as a stream of photo links appear. Every minute or two a new one pops up: a teen in a summer dress, a man wearing earrings and a crucifix, a woman in large aviator glasses, a girl with pale blue eyes staring out from the screen.

A selfie is a photo someone takes of themselves, usually on a smartphone.
—Larissa Nicholson, "Look-at-me generation," Canberra Times, September 9, 2012

This is the shot we've all been waiting for: the first time that our robot on Mars would rotate its camera and snap an image of its Short Circuit-like head.

This is, as the kids would say, a "selfie," a photo taken with the intent to post it to social media sites.
—Alexis Madrigal, "Mars Curiosity Rover Takes a Selfie," The Atlantic, September 10, 2012



(名詞) 使用光纖上網的社區;光纖網路住宅區。這個字是由 fiber 和 neighborhood 拼綴而成。

Google has divided parts of Kansas City, Mo., and Kansas City, Kan., into various "fiberhoods," and asked people in each of those areas where the service will be available to register, and pay a $10 deposit, if they are interested in acquiring it.
—John Eligon, "Google Unveils Superfast Internet in Kansas City, Mo.," The New York Times, July 26, 2012

Signing up for Google Fiber isn't simply a matter of scheduling an installation appointment. Google divided up the two Kansas Cities (Missouri and Kansas) into 202 "fiberhoods" of about 800 homes each, and asked residents to preregister and plunk down a $10 fee to express their interest.
—Jon Brodkin, "Google Fiber will hit 89% of neighborhoods, some poor areas miss out," Ars Technica, September 10, 2012



(名詞) 多人合作連續數天一起撰寫電腦程式的過程或事件。

Hacking Health, taking place at McGill University's Thompson House, is a health-oriented "hackathon" — an increasingly popular event where people gather to build software that addresses current needs.
—Roberto Rocha, "Tech geeks, doctors unite in hackathon at McGill," Montreal Gazette, February 23, 2012

Around 30 people came up and pitched their app ideas. Afterwards, the Developers and Designers vote for their favorites by giving the Idea Generator their poker chips. The top 5 ideas would be developed during the hackathon.
—Chiu-Ki Chan, "We Won The BeMyApp Hackathon!," Forbes, February 27, 2012



(動詞) 一邊如廁一邊使用智慧型手機上網或進行 Google 搜尋找資料。
poogling (動名詞)。


  • When I went to the bathroom, I brought my iPhone so I could poogle some information about latest movies. (我如廁時帶著 iPhone 手機,這樣我就可以上網找一些有關最新電影的資料)
  • Brad got caught poogling by his parents since he forgot to clear his history on his browser. (布萊德被他父母逮到一邊如廁一邊使用智慧型手機上網,因為他忘了清除瀏覽器上的瀏覽記錄)


Apple picking

(名詞) 搶奪或偷竊他人的 iPhone、iPad 或 iPod。

The robbery rate is running higher this year on the Chicago Transit Authority system, new data show, and police link the crime increase to "Apple picking" by young thugs stealing smartphones from passengers.
—John Hilkevitch, "Smartphone thefts boost CTA robbery rate, Chicago police say," Chicago Tribune, July 11, 2011

Nabbing electronic devices isn't new. But lately it is growing "exponentially" according to a 2011 report from the New York Police Department. The lucrative secondhand market for today's niftiest handsets has produced an explosion in "Apple picking" by thieves. A used iPad or iPhone can fetch more than $400.
—Rolfe Winkler, "Fighting the iCrime Wave," The Wall Street Journal, July 27, 2012