(名詞) 自拍照 - 尤指使用智慧型手機拍攝、打算 PO 到社群網站的自拍照。

Log on to twitter, type in the hashtag #selfies, and watch as a stream of photo links appear. Every minute or two a new one pops up: a teen in a summer dress, a man wearing earrings and a crucifix, a woman in large aviator glasses, a girl with pale blue eyes staring out from the screen.

A selfie is a photo someone takes of themselves, usually on a smartphone.
—Larissa Nicholson, "Look-at-me generation," Canberra Times, September 9, 2012

This is the shot we've all been waiting for: the first time that our robot on Mars would rotate its camera and snap an image of its Short Circuit-like head.

This is, as the kids would say, a "selfie," a photo taken with the intent to post it to social media sites.
—Alexis Madrigal, "Mars Curiosity Rover Takes a Selfie," The Atlantic, September 10, 2012



(名詞) 使用光纖上網的社區;光纖網路住宅區。這個字是由 fiber 和 neighborhood 拼綴而成。

Google has divided parts of Kansas City, Mo., and Kansas City, Kan., into various "fiberhoods," and asked people in each of those areas where the service will be available to register, and pay a $10 deposit, if they are interested in acquiring it.
—John Eligon, "Google Unveils Superfast Internet in Kansas City, Mo.," The New York Times, July 26, 2012

Signing up for Google Fiber isn't simply a matter of scheduling an installation appointment. Google divided up the two Kansas Cities (Missouri and Kansas) into 202 "fiberhoods" of about 800 homes each, and asked residents to preregister and plunk down a $10 fee to express their interest.
—Jon Brodkin, "Google Fiber will hit 89% of neighborhoods, some poor areas miss out," Ars Technica, September 10, 2012



(名詞) 多人合作連續數天一起撰寫電腦程式的過程或事件。

Hacking Health, taking place at McGill University's Thompson House, is a health-oriented "hackathon" — an increasingly popular event where people gather to build software that addresses current needs.
—Roberto Rocha, "Tech geeks, doctors unite in hackathon at McGill," Montreal Gazette, February 23, 2012

Around 30 people came up and pitched their app ideas. Afterwards, the Developers and Designers vote for their favorites by giving the Idea Generator their poker chips. The top 5 ideas would be developed during the hackathon.
—Chiu-Ki Chan, "We Won The BeMyApp Hackathon!," Forbes, February 27, 2012



(動詞) 一邊如廁一邊使用智慧型手機上網或進行 Google 搜尋找資料。
poogling (動名詞)。


  • When I went to the bathroom, I brought my iPhone so I could poogle some information about latest movies. (我如廁時帶著 iPhone 手機,這樣我就可以上網找一些有關最新電影的資料)
  • Brad got caught poogling by his parents since he forgot to clear his history on his browser. (布萊德被他父母逮到一邊如廁一邊使用智慧型手機上網,因為他忘了清除瀏覽器上的瀏覽記錄)


Apple picking

(名詞) 搶奪或偷竊他人的 iPhone、iPad 或 iPod。

The robbery rate is running higher this year on the Chicago Transit Authority system, new data show, and police link the crime increase to "Apple picking" by young thugs stealing smartphones from passengers.
—John Hilkevitch, "Smartphone thefts boost CTA robbery rate, Chicago police say," Chicago Tribune, July 11, 2011

Nabbing electronic devices isn't new. But lately it is growing "exponentially" according to a 2011 report from the New York Police Department. The lucrative secondhand market for today's niftiest handsets has produced an explosion in "Apple picking" by thieves. A used iPad or iPhone can fetch more than $400.
—Rolfe Winkler, "Fighting the iCrime Wave," The Wall Street Journal, July 27, 2012


link farm

(名詞) 內容大多是或全部是連結到其他網站之超連結的網站,即沒有實質內容的網站。
link farmer (名詞):架設沒有實質內容之網站的人。

Search engines do their best to weed out link farms from search results. (搜尋引擎致力於從搜尋結果中剔除沒有實質內容的網站)


Internet troll

(名詞) 網路小白。簡稱 troll,意為「討厭鬼」(原義為「山怪,山精」)。
trolling (名詞):網路小白的行徑。

網路小白是用來形容網路上搞不清楚狀況、不識相、亂說話、自作小聰明與白痴含義相近的人。小白可以說是在論壇或 BBS 這類網路社群上誕生的用語。而且原本包括的對象不若現在這麼廣泛,剛開始它只是「白爛」的代稱。在小白這個詞還沒出現之前,網路上多用「白爛」來形容一些搞不清楚狀況的新手或初學者。此類使用者多數抱有「網路匿名」的想法,認為不論做甚麼事都不會在現實世界中付任何責任,只要之後換個帳號就能完全無視以往發生的事。一般有社會責任感的此類使用者,在有較多網路經驗之後,或是發現即使更換帳號都會被發現是同一使用者時,都會放棄經常更換帳號的麻煩做法,變回正常的網路使用者。



Facebook philosopher

(名詞) 臉書哲學家:貼文大多是名言、座右銘或人生哲理的臉書用戶。這樣做會讓人認為他們很有學問、很有智慧,但其實只是裝腔作勢罷了。

A: "Wow, Emma is pretty deep!" (哇,艾瑪很有深度!)
B: "Nah, she's just a Facebook philosopher." (不,她只是個臉書哲學家)



(名詞) 在線上分享太多個人資料的人。亦寫成 diarrhea-ist。diarrhea 原意為「腹瀉」。

Rock music's most prolific social media diarrheaist apparently failed at her last attempt to verify @CourtneyLoveUK.
—Maureen O'Connor, "Courtney Love Fails at Quest for Verified Twitter Account," Gawker, March 4, 2010

Dan, I was thinking "The Wine Diarrheaist", unless that impinges upon Mike's intellectual property rights.
—Bill Klapp, "License to Swill? (comment)," Wine Diarist, June 12, 2011