social bankruptcy

(名詞) 社群破產 - 被社群媒體主宰、淹沒、壓垮的情況;唯一的解決之道就是關閉所有社群媒體帳號。

It’s the modern way of the world and everyone loves it. …well, not everyone. In a new clip from Portlandia Carrie has had it and decides to go off the grid and to declare social bankruptcy.
—Melissa Locker, “Watch Carrie declare social bankruptcy on Portlandia,” IFC, March 11, 2014

During the event, a film called “Social Bankruptcy” showcased what life would be like without social media, and how it affects individuals. Social media is everywhere, and it’s unavoidable, having become a communication tool for the majority of society.
—Melissa Chandler, “Social networking vs. handwritten letters to remain connected,” The Commuter, March 9, 2015


human cloud

(名詞) 人雲端 - 公司或企業利用網站或應用程式可以暫時雇用來執行所需工作的獨立工作者。

Employers are starting to see the human cloud as a new way to get work done. White-collar jobs are chopped into hundreds of discrete projects or tasks, then scattered into a virtual “cloud” of willing workers who could be anywhere in the world, so long as they have an internet connection.
—Sarah O'Connor, “The human cloud: A new world of work,” Financial Times, October 8, 2015

Recent developments in cloud computing have seen the addition of the ‘human element’ to the cloud and consequently the birth of the ‘human cloud’. Many organizations are already dealing with the ‘human cloud’ paradigm.
—Dania Radi, “Have You Ever Heard About the ‘Human Cloud’?,” Academy Cube, April 18, 2016



(名詞) 自動駕駛或遙控的小船。這個字是由 robotic + boat 拼綴而成。

The unique, unmanned operation of such Roboats allows investigation, interrogation and observation at a significant distance up to 10 km from a mother ship depending always on antenna height and the range can be extended using satcoms.
—“Is Hydra a Spooky Looking Jetski?,” Superyacht News, February 28, 2015

Sea Hunter‘s size and cost open an intriguing new niche in naval operations. Imagine swarms of small, inexpensive, and above all expendable unmanned craft scouting ahead of or escorting traditional task forces. If the roboats get blown up, it costs no lives and relatively little treasure. If the roboats survive, their sensors provide invaluable intelligence to the fleet, and intelligence can win wars.
—Sydney J. Freedberg Jr., “DSD Work Embraces DARPA’s Robot Boat, Sea Hunter,” Breaking Defense, April 7, 2016



(名詞/形容詞) 數量極大但確切數量不詳的資料 (的)。這個字是由 helluva (lot of) + byte(s) 拼綴而成。

Storage capacity continues to grow, necessitating new labels for ever larger quantities of data. Beyond an exabyte (1018 bytes), we have the zettabyte (1021 bytes) and yottabyte (1024 bytes), which follow the prefixes offered by the International System of Units (SI). In response both to the rapid growth of data and the proliferation of terms, some have suggested that we simply use “hellabyte,“ for “hell of a lot of bytes.”
—Joe Arnold, OpenStack Swift, O’Reilly Media, October 16, 2014

“We need a new way to think about analytics. Analytics needs to be about fast, smart decisions”, said Tom Davenport. Yet, he said there is a problem with big data? What is next if we continue to call it big data — hellabyte, muchabyte, and lots of byte?
—Myles Suer, “Pearls of Wisdom for Digital Disruptors,” Informatica, May 21, 2015


sleeper car

(名詞) 研議中完全自動的無人駕駛汽車,可讓乘客在長途旅行或夜間旅行中安心地呼呼大睡。

Sleeper cars’ will become available for long journeys where you’ll simply set off at night, tuck yourself into the incorporated bed, with blacked-out windows if there are windows at all, and wake up right outside your destination, be it Land’s End to John O’Groats, or a cross-Europe trip.
—Rory Buckeridge, “Autonomous Cars and Man’s Future: The Road Ahead,” Factor, June 29, 2015

Being whisked from point A to point B in a robot-chauffeured vehicle has some obvious attractions: one can imagine reading, chatting, working, or even sleeping during the daily commute. Alternatively, picture retiring for the night in a sleeper car in one city, and waking up well-rested at your destination hundreds of miles away.
—“The Great Green Promise of the Driverless Car,” The American Interest, July 8, 2015


media snug

(名詞) 舒適的影音小房間或小空間 (在裡面可以閱讀、聆聽、觀賞或動手玩多媒體)。

A book-lover’s lifetime collection. Many guests say the library or media snug is their favorite room.
—“Luxurious, Secluded, Award-Winning Eco-Lodge, Panoramic Sea+Mountain Views,” VRBO, August 22, 2015

A horrible estate agent’s neologism: the apartment contains ‘a media snug’.
—Jamie Muir, “A horrible…,” Twitter, January 16, 2016


Stepford app

(名詞) 程式設計上十分刻板、老套或沒腦的軟體。

註:Stepford 原為美國康乃狄克州一個田園小鎮的名稱,但在 1972 年美國一本名為《The Stepford Wives》的書籍出版後,這個字即被用作形容詞,意為「(尤指一個人) 欠缺思考能力的,墨守成規的」,如 Stepford employees/teenagers/parents/politicians (欠缺思考能力或墨守成規的員工/青少年/父母/政治人物)。《The Stepford Wives》在 2004 年被拍成同名電影 (中文片名為《超完美嬌妻》),由妮可·基嫚 (Nicole Kidman) 和馬修·鮑德瑞克 (Matthew Broderick) 主演。


No one seems to market tech products in the image of the most famous virtual assistant in film history. Hal from “2001: A Space Odyssey” was so brilliant and manly that it attempted to kill off the crew of the spacecraft it was built to manage. Instead, people build what I call “Stepford apps.” These are the Internet’s answer to those old sci-fi robots in dresses mopping floors with manufactured enthusiasm.
—Joanne McNeil, “Why Do I Have to Call This App ‘Julie’?,” The New York Times, December 19, 2015

Why are applications like Siri designed to be women? Is that how artificial voices and to some extent intelligence stand out in majorly male dominated environments? Why are these voices cold? Being on a railway station will never be the same. Why are there stepford apps?
—dagannalena, “I liked…,” Instagram, December 24, 2015


Google dorking

(動名詞/現在分詞) 使用進階的 Google 搜尋指令來存取某一網頁伺服器未經授權的敏感或私人資訊。Dork 在此與 hack 同義,意為「(駭客等) 駭入或非法入侵 (網路系統);(駭客等) 竊取 (網路系統中的資料)」。
Google dork (動詞/名詞)

In a restricted intelligence document distributed to police, public safety, and security organizations in July, the Department of Homeland Security warned of a “malicious activity” that could expose secrets and security vulnerabilities in organizations’ information systems. The name of that activity: “Google dorking.”
—Sean Gallagher, “Feds warn first responders of dangerous hacking tool: Google Search,” Ars Technica, August 27, 2014

Google dorking, or Google hacking, is one way malicious hackers can gain access to valuable information about a company. It involves using advanced commands in Google to find specific data sets that companies, as well as government agencies, have unwittingly made accessible by storing them on public-facing web servers.
—Chris Hadnagy, “How Dorkable Is Your Business?,” Entrepreneur, May 4, 2015



(動詞) 暫時或永久地不能上網從事線上活動。

Recently, I moved house, and through a series of broken promises and tedious customer support phone calls, I was left without internet for the best part of a month.
—Nick Hu, “Offlined: Living without internet (but not really),”, March 24, 2015

This week, full of busy schedules. Maybe I will offline for a while.
—M.E., “This week…,” Twitter, November 29, 2015



(名詞) 為空拍機或無人飛機 (drone) 設計的機場或樞紐;空拍機或無人飛機專用的機場或樞紐。亦寫成 drone-port。這個字是由 drone + airport 拼綴而成。

Drones will soon land in Droneports. What’s next?
—Andrea Puiatti, “Skysense interview at CeBIT 2015,” Skysense, March 18, 2015

A futuristic network of “droneports” that will help distribute pharmaceuticals and other crucial goods is set to open soon in the small African republic of Rwanda.
—Jacopo Prisco, “Star architect designs the world’s first ‘airport for drones’,” CNN, October 5, 2015