neighbor spoofing

(動名詞/現在分詞) 以看似本地號碼的電話所打的詐騙電話 (scam call, scam phone call)。亦可用 neighboring 來表示相同的意思。英式拼法為 neighbour spoofingneighbouring。Spoof (v., n.) 意為「詐騙,行騙,欺騙」。

Apparently, the scammer used a technique called “neighbor spoofing.” The caller ID of such calls matches the area code and the first three digits of the recipient’s phone number, which is more likely to be answered than calls that simply match the area code.
—Rob LeFebvre, “FCC may fine robocall spammer $120 million for illegal spoofing,” Engadget, June 22, 2017

There are now a billion robocalls going to cellphones and landlines every month. Many of them look like they’re from your neighbor. It’s not really your neighbor, of course. It’s neighbor spoofing — which means using the internet to make it look like a scammer (who could be anywhere in the world) is calling from your area.
—Sally Helm & Kenny Malone, “Episode 789: Robocall Invasion,” NPR, August 18, 2017


soft robotics

(名詞) 軟性機器人學;軟性機器人技術。軟性機器人是指用軟性、柔韌或有延展性的材料所做成的機器人。
soft robotic (adj.):軟性機器人的;軟性機器人學的
soft robot (n.):軟性機器人

The researchers planted a soft controller in the Octobot’s body that shunts liquid hydrogen peroxide through platinum reaction chambers, turning the fluid fuel to oxygen gas and water vapor. The gas pumps up the legs though tiny channels running from the body, making the gummy tentacles twitch—a big step in soft robotics.
—Kata Karáth, “The future of soft robotics: a 3D-printed, farting, gummy octopus,” Quartz, August 25, 2016

How will these robots appear in our lives and how will we interact, and live, with them? We can foresee smart skins, assist and medical devices, biodegradable and environmental robots or intelligent soft robots. For example, the compliance of soft robotics makes them ideally suited for direct interaction with biological tissue.
—Jonathan Rossiter, “Robotics, Smart Materials, and their Future Impact for Humans,” MIT Technology Review, April 6, 2017



(名詞) 位在網頁本文最下方、看似內容連結的格狀廣告。這些內容連結使用聳動、震撼或誇張的圖文來吸引讀者點擊廣告。

Now, it’s hard to find a news page that doesn’t feature a chumbox, and several large advertisers, like Outbrain, use them extensively. “You see them on CNN, you see them on Fortune… they’re just everywhere — and clearly making a lot of money.”
—Nora Young, “Diving into internet ‘chum?’ Yes, it’s as bad as you’d expect.,” CBC Radio, October 9, 2016

Got a line on a small ad network with tasteful advertising? Do you have experience with online advertising and advice for me? Let’s talk. Chumbox providers need not apply.
—Jason Kottke, “Some site news: a (temporary) farewell to advertising,”, April 3, 2017


格狀廣告 (chumbox)


USB condom

(名詞) USB 保險套 - 一種修改後的 USB 轉接頭,可在行動裝置的 USB 電源線插入公共充電站時防止資料被盜或被安裝惡意程式。

It will be a pivotal part of a display, called Ways to be Secret, of hi-tech devices that raise questions about our privacy. It will include a selfie stick, a USB condom, a Fitbit Surge and a Cyborg Unplug, described as an “anti-wireless surveillance system for the home and workplace”.
—Mark Brown, “Guardian’s destroyed Snowden laptop to feature in major V&A show,” The Guardian (London), February 27, 2015

USB ports are ubiquitous on our electronic devices as a way to charge them and transfer data. But they’re also an easy entry point for malware or other nasty viruses. Enter the USB condom. These prophylactics for your digital devices are plugged to the end of a USB cable, and allow electricity to flow through while preventing data from being transferred or accessed.
—Joon Ian Wong, “People are buying ‘USB condoms’ to prevent their devices from catching nasty viruses,” Quartz, November 7, 2016



(動詞) 邊走邊傳簡訊。亦寫成 text walk
text-walking (現在分詞/動名詞) :邊走邊傳簡訊。
text-walk (名詞):邊走邊傳簡訊。
text-walker (名詞):邊走邊傳簡訊的人。

An Mlab spokesperson told Yahoo News, “Everyone text-walks. You probably walk through the streets while texting or sending WhatsApp messages to your friends and don’t really pay attention to your surroundings — only to whatever is happening on your screen. This causes collisions with poles or other pedestrians. You could, unknowingly, even be endangering your own life while you text-walk when you cross the street without looking up.”
—Trevor Mogg, “Belgian city launches ‘text walking lanes’ for smartphone addicts,” Digital Trends, June 15, 2015

Idaho town Rexburg was among the first in the United States to impose a US$50 (S$68) fine on anyone found crossing a street while texting on a phone. The law was enacted in April 2011 and signs were put up all over the city to remind pedestrians not to text-walk.
—Chang May Choon, “Seoul puts up road safety signs to warn ‘smartphone zombies’,” The Straits Times, June 27, 2016


personal protection drone

(名詞) 個人安全防護空拍機 - 戴 / 帶在身上,可對攻擊或威脅做出反應的武器化空拍機,簡稱 PPD

—Douglass Lee Thompson, “DJI Phantom 3 Advanced/ Protect your home with hidden property surveillance systems & Personal Protection Drones,” douglasleethompson, September 19, 2015

While a personal protection drone swarm would be even more amazing, SexyCyborg already revealed that there’s no good or cheap way to have such portable drones fly automatically. But we can always dream.
—Alec, “Redditor SexyCyborg is back with a 3D printed Nano Drone wrist mount,”, June 7, 2016






(名詞) 腕上型電腦 - 戴在手腕上使用的電腦或類似裝置。亦寫成 wristtop, wrist topwristop。參考 desktop (computer):桌上型電腦;laptop (computer):膝上型電腦,即筆記型電腦。
wrist-top (形容詞):腕上型電腦的。

All of this was going to change when Apple finally entered the category with its smart watch. Many observers hoped that Apple’s design principles, obsession with simplicity, and track record of delighting users with easy-to-use products, are going to finally give the world a useful and fun wearable. Instead, we got a good-looking wrist-top computer.
—Gil Press, “The New Apple Wristop Computer: A Missed Opportunity To Define The Internet Of Things,” Forbes, September 21, 2014

Garmin has long been a player in the sport and fitness watch market, with current offerings like the vivoactive HR and f?nix 3 preceded by wrist-tops like the Forerunner 201.
—C.C. Weiss, “Garmin gets fashionable with vivomove analog fitness watch,” Gizmag, May 6, 2016



(名詞) 透過電視頻寬未使用的空間來傳輸的無線網路。亦寫成 White FiWhiteFi。這個字是由 white + WiFi 拼綴而成。

註:White-Fi 的正式名稱為 802.11af,有時亦叫做 Super WiFi。相較於一般的 WiFi,White-Fi 的主要優點是,可以傳輸較遠的距離且擁有較佳的牆壁穿透力或穿牆力 (wall penetration),因此適合農村地區的無線傳輸。

—Rajiv Rao, “Can ‘White-Fi’ transform India? Fabless Saankhya and Microsoft think so,” ZDNet, October 23, 2015

New devices including smartphones, tablets, and computers that know how to detect unused spectrum can use it to transmit wireless broadband signals, also known as “WhiteFi” or “Super Wi-Fi.” These frequencies are especially useful because they can carry a lot of data over long distances and reach indoors.
—Amy Nordrum, “3 Ways To Bridge The Digital Divide,” IEEE Spectrum, April 14, 2016


fog computing

(名詞) 霧端運算 - 資料的儲存、應用、處理及其他運算服務都是由附近的裝置來傳送。參見 cloud computing (雲端運算)。

說明:在 cloud computing 中,"cloud" 暗示資料和服務與要求資料和服務的人員或裝置距離遙遠,因為雲遠在天邊。然而,由於霧接近地面,所以在 fog computing 中,"fog" 係暗示資料和服務接近要求資料和服務的人員或裝置。譬如說,Windows 10 就有一項設定可讓用戶選擇不要從微軟的中央雲端伺服器下載系統更新檔,改由透過區域網路或透過網際網路點對點 (Peer-to-Peer, P2P) 方式從附近其他用戶的個人電腦下載更新檔。

Fog computing” describes a way of loading processing power onto devices, from smartphones to simple sensors, at the furthest edges of networks.
—Zach Noble, “How ‘fog computing’ makes the IoT run,” FCW, July 31, 2015

Here are some important criteria:
A flexible deployment model that allows for running the software on a shared or private cloud, in your own data center, or in a “fog computing” infrastructure on the edge of the network.
—Stephen Lawson, “Don’t rush your company into an IoT app platform,” InfoWorld, January 12, 2016


dark social

(名詞) 隱密的社交 - 不公開且無法直接追蹤或記錄的線上社交互動。

It’s increasing the demand for “dark social” apps that provide ways to talk through on digital media without leaving an easily traceable footprint. Snapchat’s messages disappear after being seen or read (although not necessarily securely). Meanwhile, Yahoo's new LiveText livestream video chat service will also have conversation delete after the user closes the session.
—Michelle Castillo, “Firms offer ‘dark social’ to protect your privacy,” CNBC, July 31, 2015

Although many brands are looking to tap into the power of influencers on public social networks, for example, savvy marketers are beginning to explore the opportunity of reaching consumers through private social channels such as messaging apps, sometimes referred to as ‘dark social’.
—Charlotte Rogers, “What’s next for influencer marketing?,” Marketing Week, June 16, 2016