sloppy payer

(名詞) 繳款和償債不正常的人;不按時繳款和償債的人。

"I think we are seeing some consumer behavior change where people are paying attention to their financial situation, keeping an eye on keeping their [credit] score intact," said Christopher Brendler, an analyst at Stifel Nicolaus. "Credit card [companies] make a lot of money on sloppy payers, people who pay you but pay you late. The worst case for credit card companies is when everyone who pays you late charges off."
—Jonathan Starkey, "Capital One Copes as Clients Kick Habits," The Washington Post, August 10, 2009

By contrast, there are "sloppy payers," who pay only some bills on time; "abusers," who are defiant about paying; and "distressed borrowers," who simply do not have the means to pay.
—Eric Dash, "Risky Borrowers Find Credit Again, at a Price," The New York Times, December 12, 2010


patent cliff

(名詞) 一家公司因其主要獲利來源的專利到期而導致營收大幅滑落的情況。

There is a simple explanation for most of the mergers and acquisitions in the pharmaceutical world these days: the so-called Patent Cliff. Simply put, many of the drug industry's biggest earners — blockbuster medications that have paid the bills for the last decade — are about to lose their patent protections.
—Christopher K. Hepp, "Big Pharma gearing up to face the Patent Cliff," The Philadelphia Inquirer, November 12, 2010

Lilly is already facing the biggest "patent cliff" in the industry. Five of its six leading products face generic competition in the next four years. Barbara Ryan, a stock analyst with Deutsche Bank, said Lilly's earnings will decline 35 percent by 2014 unless it makes one of the larger acquisitions it has historically resisted.
—Duff Wilson, "Lilly Stops Alzheimer's Drug Trials," The New York Times, August 17, 2010


career veneer

(名詞) 職業前景大餅。

career veneer 指的是老闆給員工所畫的工作前景大餅,如未來會有更多發展機會、加薪及升遷等。既是「大餅」、「假象」(veneer),猶如鏡花水月,未來實現的可能性應該不高。老闆這樣做的目的只是要讓員工相信未來會比現在更好。

Our boss paints a bit of a career veneer every year. (我們老闆每年都會畫一些職業前景大餅)


rebound job

(名詞) 跳板工作。

rebound job 是指你在接受時就知道不會做很久的工作,這種情況的發生往往是因為你知道你有可能會丟掉目前的工作,在形勢危急下只好先找個「暫時棲身之所」。在你找到更好的工作之前,跳板工作可以讓你有份收入。

Starbucks was totally a rebound job, I was minutes from getting fired and needed something fast! (星巴克那份工作全然是跳板工作,當時我快被炒魷魚了,急需一份工作) (Urban Dictionary)


double-dip recession

(名詞) 二次衰退。

上次經濟衰退之後國內生產總值 (gross domestic product, GDP) 出現一季或兩季短暫的正成長後又滑落至負成長的經濟狀況,亦即經濟衰退之後出現短暫的復甦後又陷入衰退的情況。二次衰退的致因不一而足,但通常包括上次不景氣期間裁員及削減支出導致的商品和勞務需求滑落。二次衰退 (或甚至三次衰退 triple-dip recession) 是最壞的經濟狀況,會使經濟陷入更深、更長的不景氣,使得復甦更加困難。

double-dip 這個字單獨使用時可當名詞和動詞用,前者意為「雙份蛋捲冰淇淋」,後者意為「(在兩個不同地方各領一份薪水的) 雙重支薪」。動名詞 double-dipping (亦寫成 double dipping) 是指「在兩處受薪」。


macaroon technique

(名詞) 法國夾心餅乾式行銷法。

據行銷專家表示,這種行銷技巧適用於大多數產品,尤其是高單價商品或昂貴奢侈品。它的作法是採取「正面 負面 正面」的三明治式策略,如將高昂的價格夾在兩項正面的讚美措辭之間或將舊品擺放在兩件新品之間來呈現明顯的對比。以引句中的 “Madam, this timepiece (or diamond or handbag) comes from our finest workshop and it has a value of $10,000. If you buy it, your children are sure to enjoy it for generations to come.” 為例,這項三明治式策略的步驟如下:

正面:This timepiece comes from our finest workshop. (這支錶是我們最好的工廠所做的)
負面:It has a value of $10k. (它價值 1 萬美元 -- 要講 value 價值,不要講 price 價格)
正面:Your children will enjoy it for generations to come. (你的子孫在未來數代都會受用)

He used PowerPoint to impart what he calls the “macaroon technique,” referring to the sandwich-like French macaroon pastry. This can be applied to most any product (including, presumably, a Xerox machine) and goes something like this: “Madam, this timepiece (or diamond or handbag) comes from our finest workshop and it has a value of $10,000. If you buy it, your children are sure to enjoy it for generations to come.”
—Christina Binkley, " How to Sell a $35,000 Watch in a Recession," Wall Street Journal, August 4, 2009


collaborative consumption

(名詞) 消費者利用線上工具共同擁有、租用、分享和買賣商品與服務的經濟模式。

如第二個引句所示,這種經濟模式亦叫做 Zipcar capitalism。Zipcar 是美國一家會員制的汽車分享公司,於 2000 年由麻州劍橋居民 Robin Chase 和 Antje Danielson 所創,提供車輛給會員租用,按小時或天數收費。Zipcar 跟一般租車服務不太一樣,該公司標榜的是「分享」的概念,加入會員 (該公司叫做 "zipsters",每位會員都會收到一張 Zipcard) 之後,市區內各個停放 zip car 的據點的車種都可以開,只要上網預約好要取車的時間和車種 (房車、卡車、敞篷車都有) 即可。這種用車生活方式,不僅可舒緩市區交通壅塞的狀況,也可改善環境污染,最重要的是,可為會員 (消費者) 節省大筆交通費用;總而言之,就是節能、減碳、省錢。截至 2009 年底,Zipcar 在全球包括美國、加拿大和英國在內的營業據點至少已擁有 32 萬 5,000 名會員,而註冊車多達 6,500 輛。

From social lending (Zopa), to car sharing (Zipcar) to co-working (HubCulture), to peer-to-peer rental (Zilok), to collaborative travel (Air BnB), to neighborhood sharing schemes (WeCommune), ... people are already using the principles and dynamics of Collaborative Consumption — organized sharing, bartering, lending, trading, renting, gifting and swapping through online and real-world communities — to get the same fulfillment and benefits of ownership with reduced personal burden and cost and as well as lower environmental impact.
—Rachel Botsman and Roo Rogers, What's Mine Is Yours: The Rise of Collaborative Consumption, HarperBusiness, April 1, 2010 (approx)

As Zipcar (and founder and former CEO, I totally agree. In fact, I've given a number of lectures over the last four months on this topic. I think of it as "consumption 2.0" or "collaborative consumption."
—Robin Chase, "ZipCar Capitalism: A New Economic Model?" (comment), BusinessWeek, October 31, 2008



(名詞) 中德經濟實體;中德市場。這個字是由 China 和 Germany 拼綴而成。

Let me introduce you to Chermany, a composite of the world's biggest net exporters: China, with a forecast current account surplus of $291bn this year and Germany, with a forecast surplus of $187bn.
—Martin Wolf, "China and Germany unite to impose global deflation," Financial Times, March 16, 2010

The U.S. perpetually runs large trade deficits with the rest of the world, especially "Chermany," because other countries are far more focused on export-led growth.
—Steven Capozzola, "Chermany," Manufacture This, March 18, 2010


sorry gift

(名詞) 內疚禮物。


Because guilt over spending is playing a big role in the sales downturn, he teaches salespeople to suggest a “sorry gift”—of another timepiece—for a wife who might be disappointed that her husband just dropped a sizable sum on his own wrist.
—Christina Binkley, " How to Sell a $35,000 Watch in a Recession," Wall Street Journal, August 4, 2009


mommy card

(名詞) 媽咪名片:上面印有為人母者的姓名和聯絡資料的名片。亦叫做 mom card

Being a parent is a job in itself, which is exactly why Carrie Hendrix developed "mommy cards," business cards for parents....Depending on the design chosen, some mommy cards come with a bit of ribbon snaked through them. It makes them stand out from the everyday card, Hendrix said.
—Allison Miles, "Several Crossroads businesses jazz up their business cards," Victoria Advocate, July 26, 2009

In the past few years, "mom cards" of all description have been showing up at baby groups, soccer fields and playgrounds. Some are printed with cutesy one-liners (Get your mommy to call my mommy) while others are emblazoned with damask or leopard prints. But the basic information is the same: the mother's name, phone number and a job title such as Rugrat Wrangler or Annabelle's Mom.
—Adriana Barton, "Networking mommies: Here's my card, let's do sandbox," The Globe and Mail, January 11, 2010