peace tourism

(名詞/不可數) 和平旅遊 - 前往先前發生衝突或戰爭的地方旅遊。

然而,和平旅遊活動並不僅限於此,它們還包括參觀著名的和平藝術作品、參觀以和平為主題的展覽以及學生的校外實地考察旅行,如參觀柏林圍牆紀念館 (Berlin Wall Memorial) 和/或廣島和平紀念公園 (Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park) 等等。

Examples of peace tourism activities include educational field trips to sites such as the Berlin Wall Memorial and the Hiroshima Peace Park. It might also take the form of attending workshops and conferences among conflict resolution professionals or going on guided peace walks that delve into histories of achieving or searching for peace. Visiting famous peace artworks and peace-themed exhibitions, as well as festivals and performances are also considered peace tourism activities.
[, 9 April 2021]