(名詞/可數) 傳統妻子 - 在家相夫教子且逆來順受的妻子。這個字是由 traditional 和 wife 拼綴而成。

The tradwives have been keenly giving interviews about how they are the true feminists in choosing not to work, to which anyone with a modicum of knowledge about feminism would say: “We gave women the choice – that’s the point! Bake banana bread until the sun comes up, if it makes you happy!” Whether they are still the true feminists in suggesting that “husbands must always come first if you want a happy marriage”, as Pettitt has tweeted, feels more debatable.
[, 27 January 2020]


My wife has traditionally feminine and wifely qualities such as submissiveness, chastity, and willingness to do household chores. She's a tradwife. (我太太具有傳統女性和妻子的特質,如順從、貞潔且願意做家事。她是個傳統妻子)