plug away; plug into; plump up; pootle along; pop down

plug away
努力不懈地做 (尤指困難的事情)
Boris has been plugging away at his homework for hours. (包里斯已經做了好幾個小時的功課了)

plug into +
They're really plugged into the popular music scene. (他們真的踏入流行音樂界了)
They also plug into the research facilities available, and license technology from different sources. (他們也開始使用可用的研究設施,並從不同來源取得技術授權)

plump * up +
拍打 (枕頭、墊子等) 使之鼓起、膨鬆;使豐滿
She tidied the room and plumped up the cushions. (她收拾好房間並把墊子拍得鬆鬆的)
Lips can be plumped up with injections. (嘴唇可以用注射的方式變豐滿)

pootle along
(英口語) 閒逛
They were pootling along country roads. (他們在鄉間道路閒逛)

pop down
Do pop down to see me while you're so near. (你離我這麼近,那就順道過來坐坐)