flake rate

(名詞) 志工缺席率 - 自願擔任某一活動 (通常是政治活動或運動) 的志工但人卻沒有到的人數比例。亦寫成 flake-out rate

There are always going to be campaign volunteers who sign up for shifts and do not show up. That’s why when organizing an event, you can generally assume a 50% flake rate (percentage of grassroots volunteers who do not show up for their shift).
—Ben Holse, “Tips to Mitigate Volunteer Flake Rate in Your Grassroots Campaign,” The Campaign Workshop, October 17, 2013

Jon Carson: The technical term we like to use in the political world is we had a negative flake rate. Usually you have a bunch of volunteers scheduled to come and a certain percentage of them flake off. Well we had a negative flake rate. People were showing up and they were bringing extra friends with them.
—Ruairí Arrieta-Kenna, “‘Oh Man, I Guess We’ve Won This Thing’,” Politico, November 7, 2016