(名詞) 土壤和積雪之間的夾層 - 是許多物種冬天的庇護所。這個字是由 subnivean (積雪的下方) + refugium (庇護的地方) 拼綴而成。


With the heavy snow starting in mid-January, I predicted the critters of the subnivium would have an easy time of munching on the garden shrubbery, and that certainly came true, at least in our area.
—Fred Gralenski, “Quoddy Nature Notes (4/20/15),” The Middleton Stream Team, April 20, 2015

The small area between the snowpack and the ground, called the subnivium (from the Latin nivis for snow, and sub for below), might be the most important ecosystem that you have never heard of.
— Kimberly Thompson, “Beneath the snowpack lies a secret ecosystem: the subnivium,” Aeon, May 31, 2016