fun sponge

(名詞) 活動或聚會場合中讓眾人快樂不起來的沈悶無趣或脾氣瞥扭的人。亦寫成 funsponge

Yes, Grimshaw is such a misguided choice that even funsponge Barlow returning to drain all the fun from the competition would have been a more preferable alternative.
—Jon O'Brien, “10 stars who would have made better X-Factor judges than Nick Grimshaw,”, June 16, 2015

Alternatively, there is the ultimate worst-case scenario: that instead of being a world-class fun sponge with nil sense of humour he may just be right.
—Robert Kitson, “Rugby, booze and middle-aged men — the wobbling front row of the Six Nations,” The Guardian (London), February 16, 2016