(名詞) 自動駕駛或遙控的小船。這個字是由 robotic + boat 拼綴而成。

The unique, unmanned operation of such Roboats allows investigation, interrogation and observation at a significant distance up to 10 km from a mother ship depending always on antenna height and the range can be extended using satcoms.
—“Is Hydra a Spooky Looking Jetski?,” Superyacht News, February 28, 2015

Sea Hunter‘s size and cost open an intriguing new niche in naval operations. Imagine swarms of small, inexpensive, and above all expendable unmanned craft scouting ahead of or escorting traditional task forces. If the roboats get blown up, it costs no lives and relatively little treasure. If the roboats survive, their sensors provide invaluable intelligence to the fleet, and intelligence can win wars.
—Sydney J. Freedberg Jr., “DSD Work Embraces DARPA’s Robot Boat, Sea Hunter,” Breaking Defense, April 7, 2016