(名詞) 行動新聞報導,行動新聞業 (大量仰賴行動科技來進行新聞製作、編輯和建檔的新聞報導或新聞業);行動新聞記者。亦寫成 MOJOmojo。這個字是由 mobile + journalism or journalist 拼綴而成。

This is part 3 of our Citizen Journalist series. We’ll be coming back with more articles, videos and podcasts on the subject of Mobile Journalism (#MoJo) in the coming weeks.
—Jefferson Graham, “Turning the iPad into a mini-production studio,” USA Today, May 25, 2015

Thanks to the Smart Phone, traditional journalism (including radio) has morphed into “MoJo” — Mobile Journalism. We’re no longer studio-bound. We’re no longer reliant on the media release or the AAP copy to generate stories.
—“What’s App in news?,” Radio Today, January 20, 2016