electricity gap

(名詞) 電力差距 - 城市和鄉村地區之間或第一世界和第三世界國家之間電力使用和電力供應的重大差距。

Vaccines unable to be stored without refrigeration, students closing their books after dark, and smoke-filled homes thanks to wood or coal burning devices are some of the issues plaguing 69 percent of sub-Saharan Africa due to the shortage of electricity across the continent. As African governments and international partners seek to remedy the electricity gap, huge potential for renewable energy sources, such as solar, wind and geothermal, have investors from African countries and around the world considering a cleaner solution.
—Jordan Stutts, “To close its energy gap, Africa should think clean,” Foreign Policy Association, February 6, 2014

India has an exceptionally wide electricity gap: About a fourth of its citizens, some 300 million people, lack access to electricity.
—Clayton Aldern, “India and France launch a solar alliance — and a book of environmental quotes,” Grist, December 1, 2015