(名詞) 與另一本書的封面極為相似的書籍封面 (book cover)。亦寫成 book-alike。這個字是由 book + lookalike 拼綴而成。

We can therefore extend the benefit of the doubt to all the Shanghai girls, babies, dolls, etc. out there for their bookalikes, and even for their catty copycatting, though one hopes that, for the sake of the genre, China’s banal book title formula of [CITY NAME] + [GENDER-SPECIFIC SOBRIQUET] will soon fall out of fashion.
—Tom Carter, “Shanghai Girls Gone Copy-Catty,” The Huffington Post, May 1, 2013

Some authors, who either use templates, free tools or bad designers are unaware that their book covers are book-alikes until readers point it out on Goodreads (check out their Same Cover Different Book list here — there are loads of these lists) or other sites.
—Leila Dewji, “Don’t Be A Book-Alike,” Writers & Artists, June 8, 2015


Bookalikes (圖片來源:Writers & Artists)