(名詞) 古代人工製品;保存在地殼中的古代人工製品的遺跡。亦寫成 techno-fossil。這個字是由 technology + fossil (化石) 拼綴而成。

Later we studied a transect from University to the City Centre, stopping frequently en-route to examine synthetic artefacts (termed ‘technofossils’), ranging from aluminium cans to vehicles, to gain an appreciation of preservation potential and how each is an example of the Anthropocene concept.
—Jonathan Hall, “Urban Geology — a mixture of technofossils and landscape psychology,” University of Leicester, October 6, 2015

In fact, rapid development of technology, swelling population and growing consumption of resources from crops to metals have expanded humanity’s impacts, particularly after 1950 or so, an inflection point some have dubbed the “Great Acceleration.” People have created long-lasting new materials, ranging from copper alloys to plastics that will form long-lived, so-called “technofossils.”
—David Biello, “Humans Leave a Telltale Residue on Earth,” Scientific American, January 7, 2016