January feeling

(名詞) 新年伊始時對一切感到樂觀且感到充滿各種可能性的心理狀態。

I love that January feeling — after the tree is taken down and the needles are vacuumed up and everything is put back in its place. It’s all so spartan and tidy, at least for five minutes or so.

January is a palate cleanser.
—Molly Guthrey, “Daily Juggle: This year, I’m finding joy within the clutter,” Pioneer Press (Saint Paul, MN), January 11, 2015

Behind the seductive lure of “New Year, New You” lies another kind of mistake, too: the idea that what we require, in order finally to change, is one last push of willpower. (Presumably, the hope is that the “January feeling” of fresh starts and clean slates will provide it.)
—Oliver Burkeman, “New year, new you? Forget it,” The Guardian, January 1, 2016