(名詞) 冬季期間某一連續活動的暫停或中斷;冬季氣候造成的某一連續活動的暫停或中斷。亦寫成 winteregnum。這個字是由 winter + interregnum (過渡期) 拼綴而成。

With the ghost of a Christmas hangover slowly receding and the directionless ennui of the Winterregnum period taking hold, what better way to make yourself feel happy than by watching what I am calling The West Derby?
—Thom Gibbs, “West Ham United v West Bromwich Albion: live,” The Telegraph (London), December 28, 2013

The period between Christmas and New Year should be called Winterregnum. I’m getting this in early this year.
—Geraint Griffith, “The period…,” Twitter, December 9, 2015