small-footprint living

(名詞) 碳足跡極少的生活方式,亦即使個人對環境的影響降至最低的生活方式。亦寫成 small footprint living

Given their lower income relative to previous generations, many urban Millennials favor small-footprint living: studios, a few one bedrooms, some congregate housing, and micro-units.
—A-P Hurd, "How Outdated Parking Laws Price Families Out of the City," The Atlantic, August 7, 2014

Another key to "small-footprint" living: healthy, local eating habits. Easy access to Minneapolis' thriving co-ops makes it easy for Traeger to replace fast food with fresh, home-cooked dishes, which she occasionally supplements with meals at Birchwood Cafe and other farm-to-table mainstays in her area.
—Brian Martucci, "How a car-free calling led to a healthier, fuller, smaller-footprint life," The Line, March 24, 2015