smartphone face

(名詞) 低頭族的臉 - 低頭族經常低頭看智慧型手機或類似裝置,導致頸部變短而使下巴線下垂、下顎肌肉鬆弛。

Nefertiti did not have to contend with 'smartphone face', the term coined by cosmetic doctors to describe the shortening of the neck muscles and pull on the jowls caused by spending hours looking down at laptops, mobiles and iPads.
—Tanith Carey, "Would YOU try the no-knife neck lift to look as good as Helen Mirren?," The Daily Mail, May 5, 2013

A new ailment, characterized by sagging jowls and a drooping jawline, has been dubbed "smartphone face." It comes from repeatedly bending forward to peer at a hand-held device, doctors say.
—Amber Sutherland, "'Phone face' woe," The New York Post, May 17, 2012