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(形容詞) 不是那麼幸福的。亦寫成 under happy

"There's no provision for a federal Department of Happiness, no provision for happiness stamps for the under-happy," Gingrich said. "There’s no inherent right to sue if you're unhappy. And the Founding Fathers would have thought that a politician who walked into this room and announced, 'I am now going to take from the overly happy in this end … to redistribute to the under-happy on this side,' was [committing] an act of arrogance worthy of King George."
—"Gingrich, in Phila., says stay tuned for word on his presidential plans," The Philiadelphia Inquirer, April 29, 2011

Many Singaporeans are "under happy" at work, or so says a recently released survey. The people behind it coined the phrase "under happy" to describe an in-between state between being happy and unhappy. … Might being under happy be worse than being unhappy, since misery might spur a person to change where mere dissatisfaction does not?
—Lydia Lim, "Happiness is not consuming but learning to thrive," The Straits Times, December 2, 2014



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(名詞) 開始一份新工作之前所度的假。亦寫成 precation。這個字是由 pre + vacation 拼綴而成。

At 42floors, we heavily, heavily recommend that all new people take two weeks of vacation starting exactly on their first official day. What this means is that when you get a job offer from us, you'll pick a start date. And that's the day we start your payroll. And that's the day you leave for vacation. … Precation doesn't solve everything, but it's at least a way to start off on the right foot.
—Jason Freedman, "My strange aversion to vacations," 42Floors, April 24, 2013

The pre-cation policy flows from Atlassian's view that memorable perks and a livable workspace make for happy employees without busting the company's budget.
—Will Oremus, "You Deserve a Pre-cation," Slate, September 30, 2014



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fat and happy


  • Sally and her sisters look fat and happy. (莎莉和她的姊妹們看起來都心廣體胖)
  • Since all the employees were fat and happy, they had little incentive to improve productivity. (由於所有員工個個心廣體胖,他們缺乏改善生產力的誘因)



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(形容詞) 能耐嚴寒的,尤指能耐極地渦旋 (polar vortex) 氣候現象所造成的酷寒的。亦寫成 vortex proof, polar vortex-proof

Polar vortex-proof wool sweaters from Iceland. Traditional Ukrainian religious icons. Reindeer jerky. These are just some of the holiday gifts you can cross off your list this weekend at holiday markets sponsored by local cultural organizations.
—Fritz Hahn, "D.C.-area Christmas bazaars offer a world tour of holiday cheer," The Washington Post, November 20, 2014

The legendary Maine clothing retailer is promoting what it calls a "vortex proof" winter coat, further evidence that a once-obscure phenomenon known only to geeks in the meteorological subculture has emerged as a national player.
—Tony Wood, "Vortex proof?," The Philadelphia Inquirer, November 20, 2014



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(動詞) 利用網路來搜尋和檢視某產品,然後到實體商店或賣場購買該產品。亦叫做 web-roomreverse-showroom。這個字是由 web + showroom 拼綴而成。
webrooming (現在分詞/動名詞)

But the showroowing [sic] effect is not the only way shoppers are changing their habits. See how reverse-showrooming, or 'webrooming', is shifting the opportunity back to the brick and mortar stores, and learn some tips on how your business can take advantage, in the infographic below
—"A Retailer's Guide to Webrooming," Merchant Warehouse, May 9, 2014

Surveys from the consulting firms Deloitte and Accenture both indicate Lindsay's shopping behavior is common. The Deloitte research found that nearly 70 percent of shoppers webroom compared with less than 50 percent who showroom before they buy.
—Taryn Luna, "'Webrooming' shoppers research online, then buy in stores," The Boston Globe, November 28, 2014



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(名詞) 需要整修的房子;屋況不佳的房子。

The house's kind of a fixer-upper. (這間房子需要整修一下)

Gray Thursday

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(名詞) 灰色星期四 (美國感恩節的晚上)。當天晚上有些零售商就開始營業並持續至隔天凌晨或整晚營業。亦寫成 Grey Thursday。cf. Black Friday (黑色星期五)。

Now Black Friday is slipping into "Grey Thursday" and taking retail workers with it. Walmart will open its doors at 8pm on Thanksgiving Day. Others, including Sears, Toys R Us and Kmart, will also open at 8pm on Thanksgiving. Target opens at 9pm.
—Dominic Rushe, "Black Friday slips into 'Grey Thursday' as retail giants face staff backlash," The Guardian (London), November 14, 2012

Once upon a time, we used to call Gray Thursday “Thanksgiving.” With Black Friday sales starting earlier each year, they were bound to bleed into Turkey Day.
—Tony Bravo, "The Sixteen Days of Holiday Retail," San Francisco Chronicle, November 20, 2014


happiness curve

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(名詞) 快樂曲線;幸福曲線。亦叫做 U-curve (U 型曲線)。

註:研究顯示,人一生中的快樂感是條 U 型曲線,中年人是最不快樂的。研究人員指出,一個人對生活的滿意度在接近 30 歲時會開始不斷走下坡,一直到 50 好幾才會有所回升。大多數人在青少年和 20 多歲時都覺得「還算快樂」,但當他們開始為家庭和事業奮鬥時,快樂感就不斷下降,直到進入中年後才會有所上揚。但不論是 25 歲的年輕人,還是 65 歲的老人,他們都認為年富力強的 25 歲要比年老力衰的 65 歲來得好。不過,65 歲的人之所以會比較滿足,是因為他們已經學會了知足常樂。

Mr van Landeghem…said…"A U-shaped happiness curve does not necessarily imply that a 65 year-old prefers his own life to the life of a 25 year-old," he said. "Both the 25 year-old and 65 year-old might agree that it is nicer to be 25 than to be 65. But the 65 year-old might nevertheless be more satisfied, as he has learned to be satisfied with what he has."
—Stephen Adams, "Happiness is U-shaped … which explains why the middle-aged are grumpy," The Telegraph (London), April 17, 2011

The apes' well-being bottomed out at ages comparable, in people, to between 45 and 50 — implying that the happiness curve is not uniquely human.
—Jonathan Rauch, "The Real Roots of Midlife Crisis," The Atlantic, November 17, 2014



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(名詞) 觀念先進但對女人無感且對女權主義議題置之不理的男性。亦寫成 bro-cialist。這個字是由 bro + socialist 拼綴而成。
brocialism (n.)

My experience is that 'brocialists' don't openly embrace patriarchy; they deny it's a problem. Or they minimise it. They direct your attention elsewhere: you should be focusing on class. You're being divisive. You're just middle class (quelle horreurl). Or they attack a straw 'feminism' that is supposedly 'bourgeois' and has nothing to say about class or other axes of oppression. Or they just ignore it.
—Richard Seymour, "Laurie Penny on Brand, iconoclasm, and a woman's place in the revolution," New Statesman, November 2, 2013

The "brocialist" is generally a good leftist. His heart is probably in the right place. But he has a gigantic blind spot when it comes to women, one that is both political (he is not sensitive to feminist concerns) and personal (he can be a pig).
—Marc Tracy, "How to Talk to a 'Brocialist '," The New Republic, January 8, 2014


par for the course

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註:par for the course 中的 course 是指 golf course (高爾夫球場) 而非 school course (學校課程)。


  • I worked for days on this proposal, but it was rejected. That's par for the course in our company. (我花了好幾天的時間來擬定這項計畫,但它卻被打了回票。這種情況在我們公司是正常的,不足為奇)
  • The school budget is going to be cut again this year, but that's par for the course. (學校預算今年將再度被砍,但那是意料之中的事)



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