check box fiction

(名詞) 核取方塊小說 - 為了標榜多元化,象徵性地在故事中加入某些元素 (尤其是那些與人物的種族、性別或性取向有關的元素)、但這些元素對故事並無作用的小說。亦寫成 checkbox fiction

The Hugos became a front in the culture war. Brad Torgersen’s posts at the very beginning about “victim class check box fiction” destroyed any rapport with people who weren’t already in his camp.
—Ken Burnside, “Hugo Awards 2015,” Google Plus, August 27, 2015

Check box” fiction really undermines the quality of my reading experience. What is “check box” fiction? It is a story that includes elements indicating diversity in the cast of characters that has zero impact on the the story.
—“That Good Story,” Liberty At All Costs, May 19, 2016



(名詞) 根據預先設定的演算法和原則來提供自動化投資組合管理服務的線上投資工具。亦寫成 robo-adviserroboadvisor
robo-advice (名詞)
robo-advisory (名詞)

Robo-advisors are advisors like wireless phone company telephone prompts are communications consultants.
—Roger Gershman, “Robo-Advisors Versus Financial Advisors — Which is Best for You?,” Forbes, April 30, 2015

In the space between DIY investing and personal — but expensive — financial advisors sits the robo-advisor, a crop of companies that manage client portfolios via computer algorithms, cutting costs and passing the savings on to investors.
—Arielle O'Shea, “The Best Robo-Advisors,” NerdWallet, March 14, 2016


vertical forest

(名詞) 垂直叢林 - 設計方式可使所有陽台或大多數陽台都能種樹的高樓大廈。

Today, the development has 360,000 square meters, or 3.9 million square feet, of residential, office, retail and cultural space. Among them are the two towers of Bosco Verticale, or Vertical Forest, named for the hundreds of full-size trees to be planted on the buildings’ balconies.
—Eric Sylvers, “For Evidence of a Rebound in Milan, Just Look Up,” The New York Times, March 13, 2014

Modern architects have long dreamed of building vertical forests. Now, growing urban density and the strain it puts on green space are pushing their vision forward, here and abroad.
—Alex Bozikovic, “Green mile,” The Globe and Mail, May 11, 2016

vertical forest

義大利米蘭的 Bosco Verticale (Vertical Forest)。圖片來源:Wikimedia



(名詞) 熱衷於製作或收集微小模型 (miniatures) 的人。這個字是由 miniature + maniac 拼綴而成。

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all the miniacs (dollhouse miniature enthusiasts) out there!
—Lesia Lennox, “HAPPY NEW YEAR…,” Twitter, December 31, 2009

Like so many “miniacs,” as some of the collectors and artisans call themselves, she came to the modern mini movement by way of a childhood love of dollhouses.
—Abby Ellin, “Miniacs Live in a Small, Small World,” The New York Times, May 6, 2016



(名詞) 車前行李箱 (前車箱 - 相對於後車箱)。這個字是由 front + trunk 拼綴而成。

First, let me begin by saying I was one of the people who really didn’t mind the fact that the i3’s front storage compartment (affectionately called the “frunk” by many since Tesla initially coined the term for the area under the hood of the Model S) wasn’t waterproof.
—Tom Moloughney, “What is the Frunk?,” BMWBlog, February 19, 2015

It’s one of two external storage cubbies the Model 3 offers, with a trunk at the back and a “frunk” — or front-mounted trunk — up where the engine would regularly be in a gasoline car.
—Chris Davies, “I tried the Tesla Model 3: Here’s what you need to know,” SlashGear, April 1, 2016


美國特斯拉汽車公司 (Tesla Motors) Model S 的前車箱。圖片來源:Wikimedia


billionaire bait

(名詞) 以富豪為訴求的商品;設計來吸引富豪的商品。

The house was classic billionaire bait: outrageous candy room, a garage for about a million vehicles with a car turntable, a replica of the Transformer Bumblebee that was about as tall as a human, a handful of arty, chrome-covered weapons, an infinity pool.
—Bianca Barragan, “How Two Real Estate Agents Spent $300k Getting Notch to Buy His Bonkers $70-Million Mansion,” Curbed Los Angeles, July 13, 2015

The gorgeous fuselage is billionaire bait, but the bravura style is wedded to pure function.
—Lawrence Ulrich, “2016’s Top Ten Tech Cars: Ford GT,” IEEE Spectrum, March 30, 2016


fun sponge

(名詞) 活動或聚會場合中讓眾人快樂不起來的沈悶無趣或脾氣瞥扭的人。亦寫成 funsponge

Yes, Grimshaw is such a misguided choice that even funsponge Barlow returning to drain all the fun from the competition would have been a more preferable alternative.
—Jon O'Brien, “10 stars who would have made better X-Factor judges than Nick Grimshaw,”, June 16, 2015

Alternatively, there is the ultimate worst-case scenario: that instead of being a world-class fun sponge with nil sense of humour he may just be right.
—Robert Kitson, “Rugby, booze and middle-aged men — the wobbling front row of the Six Nations,” The Guardian (London), February 16, 2016



(名詞 / 形容詞) 情感上或心智上仍停留在不成熟的青春期的成年人 / 情感上或心智上仍停留在青春期的成年人的。亦寫成 perma-lescent。這個字是由 permanent + adolescent 拼綴而成。
permalescence (名詞):情感上或心智上仍停留在青春期的成年狀態。

I’m sure someone already has, but if not can I [go] down as the inventor of the word “permalescent”?
—Jamie Gambell, “I’m sure someone…,” Twitter, May 24, 2013

But perhaps the most rage-inducing thing about the Collective is — it’ll probably work. Yes, it’s replacing independent living with an ongoing studenthood, a sort of perma-lescence.
—Jonn Elledge, “Collective living’s fine for students but for everybody else it stinks,” The Guardian (London), April 28, 2016


street score

(名詞) 在街上或垃圾中發現的值錢的或有用的東西。亦寫成 streetscore

註:這裡的 score 源自黑幫意為「非法取得的財物或金錢」的俚語,但在此所發現的財物當然不是非法取得的。

street score in Brooklyn!!! It’s been a while since I’ve found a gem in the trash. But this morning I stumbled upon a super clean copy of Voodounon by Lafayette Afro Rock Band.
—johnnyfego, “street score in…,” Instagram, December 6, 2015

#drseuss wisdom/ street score of the day!! #SF @ San Francisco, California
—Nezbeat, “#drseuss wisdom…,” Twitter, February 1, 2016


fast fashion

(名詞) 速時裝 - 低成本、快速做成的最新高級時裝仿製品。
fast-fashion (形容詞):速時裝的。

But despite fast fashion’s growth, chains including H&M are increasingly facing criticism over both environmental and social justice concerns. …Though fast fashion offers consumers a wider variety of styles, the rising trend has also been tied to growing amounts of textiles in landfills. …Furthermore, many fast fashion retailers rely on cheap labor to produce high quantities of their products.
—Annika Fredrikson, “H&M plans rapid growth in China amid questions on ethics of fast fashion,” Christian Science Monitor, September 24, 2015

The disaster graphically demonstrated the true cost of quickly changing trends, or “fast fashion”, for high-street brands such as Gap and Benetton: dangerous working conditions, long hours and little pay for the garment workers.
—Lizzie Rivera, “The true cost of ‘fast fashion’: why #whomademyclothes is trending this week,” The Independent (London), April 21, 2016