(名詞) 像樹一樣或具有像樹一樣特徵的高樓大廈。亦寫成 tree-scraper。這個字是由 tree + skyscraper 拼綴而成。

Holland’s OAS1S has envisioned an eponymous community of dwellings that are covered in greenery and resemble trees. Constructed from recycled wood and operating off-grid with the use of sustainable technology, the whimsical homes — or “treescrapers” — would make walking along your street feel more like a stroll through a forest.
—Adam Williams, “OAS1S imagines sustainable ‘treescraper’ communities,” Gizmag, June 29, 2015

Nowadays, architects are designing buildings to be as passive as possible, meaning they source their own energy, employ energy efficient measures and sustainable materials. Some designers are taking this one step above by taking the idea of a tree as an entire living system and applying it to a responsible philosophy for a tower. These are the ‘treescrapers’ of tomorrow.
—Tibi Puiu, “Amazing ‘Treescraper’ Designs from Around the World,” ZME Science, November 18, 2015



treescrapers (ZME Science)

stealth dorm

(名詞) 隱形宿舍 - 由一群不相關的個人 (尤其是大學生) 所承租的獨棟房屋。亦寫成 stealth dormitory

“We have a concern that as the university grows and as there are less options for housing, that either more of the existing homes within our neighborhood would start to be leased to students or have a situation where an older home is torn down and one of theses stealth dorms built it their place,” Jackson said.
—Caty Hirst, “Proposal to restrict ‘stealth dorms’ faces opposition,” Fort Worth Star-Telegram, October 5, 2014

There is a darkness moving over Texas, a creeping dread passing over its most comfortable neighborhoods: the stealth dorm. This shadow represents a threat to the families that call college towns like Austin home. The stealth dorm — say it like this, stealth dorm — is a barrow of Millennials looking to save money by living together as roommates. The horror.
—Kriston Capps, “Are Millennial ‘Stealth Dorms’ Ruining Texas Cities?,” CityLab, November 11, 2015



(名詞) 故意減少飲食中的肉量的人。這個字是由美國一個名叫 Reducetarian Foundation 的基金會的共同創辦人暨主席 Brian Kateman 所創造,它是由 reduce + -tarian 拼綴而成。
reducetarian (形容詞):故意減少飲食中的肉量的。
reducetarianism (名詞):故意減少飲食中的肉量的行為或作法。

Semi-Mostly Vegetarians and Flexitarians, Meet Reducetarians
—Samantha Olson, “Meat-Eaters And Vegetarians Meet In The Middle: The Birth Of ‘Reducetarianism’,” Medical Daily, January 6, 2015

But if the term reducetarian hasn’t taken widespread hold quite yet, it’s still great timing: Periodic meatlessness is trendy enough that Beyonce publicly goes without sometimes.
—Arin Greenwood, “Love Bacon AND Animals? ‘Reducetarianism’ May Be For You,” The Huffington Post, March 6, 2015


ped shed

(名詞) 特定地點 (如零售中心或交通運輸站) 周遭的徒步區。亦寫成 ped-shedpedshed。這個字是由 pedestrian (行人) + watershed (分水嶺) 拼綴而成。

Sub-urban parks will often include concrete or asphalt paving with comfortable widths of at least 5-feet. Playgrounds, pavilions, kiosks, signage and other features are common in such parks. Typically, sub-urban parks are meant for the ped-shed (adjacent area easily walkable) and therefore do not include off-street parking spaces.
—John Olson, “The Transect of Parks,” Urban Landscapes, March 11, 2014

A High Activity Zone should serve a walkable ped shed with a 1/4 to 1/2 mile radius. If your downtown or other urban district is larger than that, you should have a series of High Activity Zones spaced 1/2 to 1 mile apart, each of which serve the surrounding area that is within a 5 to 10 minute walk.
—Dan Zack, “Strategies for Good Urban Retail,” Smart Growth, July 17, 2015



put/throw someone/something in/into the shade


  • Peter's sudden success and fame threw all of us into the shade. (彼得一舉功成名就使我們都相形見絀了)
  • I thought I'd done quite well, but Allen's exam results put mine in the shade. (我認為我已考得很好,但艾倫的成績讓我的成績黯然失色)



(名詞) 為空拍機或無人飛機 (drone) 設計的機場或樞紐;空拍機或無人飛機專用的機場或樞紐。亦寫成 drone-port。這個字是由 drone + airport 拼綴而成。

Drones will soon land in Droneports. What’s next?
—Andrea Puiatti, “Skysense interview at CeBIT 2015,” Skysense, March 18, 2015

A futuristic network of “droneports” that will help distribute pharmaceuticals and other crucial goods is set to open soon in the small African republic of Rwanda.
—Jacopo Prisco, “Star architect designs the world’s first ‘airport for drones’,” CNN, October 5, 2015



(名詞) 人高馬大的女人。亦寫成 she-hemoth。這個字是由 she + behemoth (龐然大物;巨獸) 拼綴而成。

The audience listened as something even larger than Keira approached, the ground shuddered slightly as an enormous figure stepped from behind the curtain, the announcers lip trembled as this she-hemoth emerged, easily two feet taller than Keira.
—jderril, “A new Dawn begins,” DeviantArt, September 16, 2013

Tattoo-face shehemoth will save Merica from the terrists!
—Jonathan Roseman, “Tattoo-face…,” Twitter, October 4, 2014



(名詞) 讓身為人母者感到羞愧。亦寫成 mom shamingmommy shaming
mom shamer (名詞):讓身為人母者感到羞愧的人。

說明:民眾拍下某位母親對其子女做出他們認為不當或有害行為的照片,然後將照片 PO 上網讓網友批判、非難或譴責。當照片瘋傳時,這些母親也看到了照片而感到羞愧。

Mommy shaming is when someone makes a mother feel bad about how they are parenting. Lana Lebersfeld said that she sees it all the time…

Trista Vanhoose said that she was mommy shamed by a relative over vaccinating her son….

“The mom shaming is really the 2014 term for judgement,” she said.
—“Experts, Mothers Say Online ‘Mommy Shamers’ Can Make A Tough Job Even Tougher,” CBS New York, September 17, 2014

I’ll take an honest expression of disapproval any day over the smug, passive-aggressive mom-shaming that goes on every day on the playground and in the comments sections of every parenting blog.
—Emily Flake, “Emily Flake’s Mama Tried lambastes modern parenting, in all its passive-aggressive, smug glory,” The Globe and Mail, October 29, 2015



(動詞) 犧牲無辜的盟友或同事、拿他們當代罪羔羊或讓他們背黑鍋來使自己受惠。這個字是從同義的成語 "to throw (someone) under the bus" 衍生而來。
underbus (副詞)
underbussing (動名詞/現在分詞)

Guns & Ammo … instantly underbussed longtime columnist Dick Metcalfe for his pro-gun-control musings.
—Hognose, “TRIGGER: another pro-gun knockoff of the anti-gun gun magazine,” WeaponsMan, January 9, 2014

You can’t underbus key staffers during a campaign. Can you? May as well underbus yourself.
—Michael Den Tandt, “You can’t…,” Twitter, August 18, 2015



(名詞) 男性緊身褡 (穿起來讓男性顯得比較瘦的內衣)。這個字是由 man + girdle (緊身褡) 拼綴而成。

Precision pouch. The waist eliminator. The Saxx package separator. Ab control tank. This is the language of selling body-shaping underwear to men.

What you must not do is call them girdles (or the more gender-specific mirdles), supportwear or even shapewear.
—Fiona Smith, “What’s under your colleague’s suit?,” Australian Financial Review, July 4, 2014

It’s only since men have become increasingly visible half-naked in underwear commercials, horny clothing line ads, firefighter calendars, and the lot that men have begun to face mounting pressure to conform to exacting standards of physical appeal.

Thus, we’ve witnessed the growth of shapewear for men, including the mirdle (a girdle for men), over the past decade.
—Craig Takeuchi, “What happens when men try on shapewear,” The Georgia Straight, August 15, 2014