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(名詞) 伊波拉恐懼症:對伊波拉病毒強烈和莫名的恐懼。亦寫成 Ebola-phobia, Ebola phobia。
Ebolaphobic (形容詞):罹患伊波拉恐懼症的;導致伊波拉恐懼症的。
Ebolaphobe (名詞):伊波拉恐懼症患者。

There is a new term used by doctors on the front line of the battle to control the worst Ebola outbreak the world has seen: Ebola phobia.
—Jeremy Laurance, "Ebola outbreak: We know the disease is killing people, but is the panicked response killing people too?," The Independent (London), August 1, 2014

We are using public transportation, dining in restaurants, sending our kids to school and drinking city water right out of the tap.

We are not unhinged by Ebolaphobia.
—Jacquielynn Floyd, "Floyd: Good sense will inoculate you against Ebolaphobia," The Dallas Morning News, October 16, 2014



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(動詞) 事先對某事做出回應。亦寫成 pre-spond。
presponsive (形容詞):事先對某事做出積極回應的。

We know we are a generous, compassionate nation that will come together to aid communities that are suffering. Let's come together to make smarter choices about how we respond — and prespond — to disasters as well.
—Ryan Alexander, "How to Pay For Disaster Relief," U.S. News & World Report, May 22, 2013

Let me attempt to "prespond" — a new word for anticipatory response — to potential defenses of voter ignorance.
—Ken Herman, "Herman: How's a voter to know" (subscription required), Austin American-Statesman (Texas), September 17, 2014



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(名詞) 不是母親的女性,尤指因無法控制的因素、環境或境遇而做不了母親、而非自己選擇不當母親 (不生小孩) 的女性。這個字是由 not + mother 拼綴而成。

Once I'd begun to make peace with this idea, I felt I could start moving forwards. And I discovered I was far from alone. There were plenty of us so-called 'NoMos' (Not Mothers) out there.
—Rachel Lloyd, "'Why, aged 40, I'm finally happy to be a NoMo (that's a Not Mother)'," The Telegraph, August 15, 2014

Now there is even a new word for people like myself, Jennifer and the one in five women who find themselves in their mid-40s without children: NoMos, short for "not mothers."
—Amanda Revell Walton, "Like Jennifer Aniston, I've accepted I'll never be a mum — why can't you?," Daily Express, September 4, 2014



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(名詞) 大多由木材所建造的高大建築物。亦寫成 ply-scraper。這個字是由 plywood (三夾板) + skyscraper (摩天大樓) 拼綴而成。

When a little-known Canadian architect suggested last year that a skyscraper could be made almost entirely from wood, the head of wood engineering at one of Britain's biggest builders scoffed. When the architects responsible for the world's tallest building touted a similar "plyscraper" in May, the idea became harder to dismiss.
—"Plyscrapers," The Economist, July 4, 2013

The buildings they envision have been dubbed "plyscrapers." Their halting arrival into the mainstream of architecture represents a test case for whether the goal of sustainability can motivate a reversal of both long-term construction norms and the laws that have grown around them.
—Courtney Humphries, "Will cities of the future be built of wood?," The Boston Globe, July 6, 2014



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a nip in the air


  • I felt a little nip in the air when I opened the window. (我打開窗戶時,覺得有點寒氣逼人)
  • There's more of a nip in the air as winter approaches. (隨著冬天逼近,寒氣更加逼人)
  • There's quite a nip in the air. I think you'll need your jacket on. (寒氣相當逼人。我想你需要穿外套)



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(名詞) 花了許多時間在唱片行的黑膠唱片 (vinyl records) 中翻找的人;收藏大批黑膠唱片的 DJ。亦寫成 crate digger。
cratedigging (動名詞):花了許多時間在唱片行的黑膠唱片中翻找。

AKA Music has the best selection of new records, but their used selection's not very impressive. If you're lucky, you'll find a shiny Coltrane reissue. But if it's the real thing you crave, your chances are significantly better at Hiding Place. Located directly below Vox Populi, owner Mark Johnson's a bona fide cratedigger who understands the value of curation.
—"Better Than Best: People & Places," Philadelphia Weekly, October 19, 2011

Serene psychedelia from the heart of Massachusetts — from a man whose fortunes were revived by cratediggers.
—Rob Fitzpatrick, "The 101 strangest records on Spotify: Bobb Trimble — Iron Curtain Innocence," The Guardian (London), February 6, 2013


statement socks

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(名詞) 宣言襪:穿來讓人留下好印象、凸顯自己或表達某種訴求的襪子。

Well, this year's interpretation (see, I'm becoming fashiony by osmosis) is to create a biker boot with strategically placed holes in the ankle, to either let the sweat out or give the wearer a whole extra layer of dressing anxiety as they rootle through their sock drawer for appropriately 'statement' socks.
—Lynne Barrett-Lee, "Join the tartan army? I'd rather have a naked foot...," Wales Online, October 5, 2013

An added bonus: Statement socks are an easy and often inexpensive indulgence. Though high-end designs are certainly available (you can buy $185 socks at Barney's, should your path in life lead to that), you can also buy the socks at stores like Forever 21 and Target, the latter of which says it "has seen a steady interest" in statement socks since introducing them in 2012.
—Megan Garber, "'Like Lingerie for Men': How Statement Socks Became So Trendy," The Atlantic, October 1, 2014



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(動名詞/現在分詞) 以自以為高人一等的態度向沒有子女的人說明父母教養子女的方式。亦寫成 parent-splaining。
parentsplainer (名詞)
parentsplain (動詞)

I am getting tired of all the parentsplaining....

I'm sorry, but parentsplainers and abuse denialists no longer get to control this narrative.
—R.L. Stollar, "The Homeschool Lobby Now Has Public School Children In Its Crosshairs Too," No Longer Quivering, January 30, 2014

Broken down to its most basic elements, parent-splaining is defined as "parents explaining parenting to their childless friends." Whether they're outlining precisely why they can't hang out with their friends anymore in excruciating detail ("Like sorry dudes MY KIDS ARE ME NOW") or providing unsolicited lessons in what it's like to have the most important job in the world, parent-splainers get an enormous amount of attention when their tips and rants go viral.
—"Moms & Dads Parentsplain It All," STFU, Parents, May 16, 2014


pup nup

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(名詞) 具體指明離婚時誰擁有寵物監護權的婚前協議 (prenuptial agreement)。亦寫成 pup-nup, pupnup。

When considering a prenuptial agreement, couples usually include their thoughts on pre-marital finances, 401K plans, bank accounts and real estate. But they should also discuss what to do about dogs, cats and other animals acquired before and during the marriage.
—Gina Calogero, "Prenups and Pup-Nups: Getting it in Writing," Gina Calogero Attorney at Law, February 15, 2013

One of the more common things Mr Edward sees is people fighting over pets.

"I've coined the terms pet nup and pup nup.

"It should say if the couple bust up, John gets the poodle or the wife gets the parrot."
—Kylie Adoranti, "Casey, Mornington Peninsula, Frankston and Brimbank have the highest number of divorcees in Melbourne, ABS figures show," Melbourne Leader (Melbourne, Australia), September 23, 2014


drought shaming

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(動名詞/現在分詞) 公開指責住家或機構在乾旱或限水期間過份用水。亦寫成 droughtshaming。
drought shame (動詞):公開指責住家或機構在乾旱或限水期間過份用水。
drought shamer (名詞):公開指責住家或機構在乾旱或限水期間過份用水的人。

Neighbors are tattling on neighbors for wasting water and some are taking their drought shaming to social media.
—Anjali Hemphill, "Drought Shaming Pitting Neighbors Against Neighbors On Social Media," CBS Sacramento, July 11, 2014

And some existing technologies are being repurposed to focus on the drought, for example, vizSafe, an app designed to post localized alerts allowing people to warn their neighbors about crime, flooding, fire, missing persons, and traffic, is being used for "drought shaming," calling out water wasters.
—Tekla Perry, "The California Drought: There's an App For That," IEEE Spectrum, September 12, 2014



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