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三月 2, 2015 Author: admin | Filed under: 五花八門大雜燴, 英文新字新詞

(名詞) 孤獨或獨居 (solitude) 的狀態或情況。

Entering a relationship with a romantic "life partner," commonly through marriage, is considered a significant social marker, denoting full adulthood and providing universally recognized social reasons, which do not meet with requests for further explanation. Some groups may accord this status only to marriage, others more broadly to cohabitants; but it is an evaluative social classification that friendships or, even more so, solitudinousness rarely breach.
—Elizabeth Brake, Minimizing Marriage, Oxford University Press, March 15, 2012

Van Vogt was the first Canadian sf writer of real importance, and it is arguable that a Canadian solitudinousness colours his work throughout.
—"van Vogt, A E," The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction, October 14, 2014



二月 25, 2015 Author: admin | Filed under: 教育學術大醬缸, 英文新字新詞

(名詞) 健康地理學:研究健康與地理之關係的學問。這個字是由 health + geography 拼綴而成。

RT @PennNursing: Mapping the #Urban #HIV Epidemic: Role of Geobehavioral Vulnerability http://youtu.be/nktT4fIh5LI #APHA14 #healthography
—"RT @PennNursing…," Twitter, January 2, 2015

New Orleans served as more than just the location for APHA's 142nd Annual Meeting and Exposition in November. It also served as an example of healthography, or the idea that where you live can affect your health. New Orleans is a city renowned for its cuisine, but some of its residents do not have access to fresh and healthy food. That can have influence on their health.
—Lindsey Wahowiak, "Role of food in healthography apparent," The Nation's Health, January 15, 2015


death cafe

二月 16, 2015 Author: admin | Filed under: 五花八門大雜燴, 英文新字新詞

(名詞) 大家在一起吃吃喝喝並談論死亡的社交聚會。

I told about five people that I was going to something called a death cafe — the reactions were mixed, but none was particularly positive. "Will it be full of goths?", "How morbid", "That's weird." The thing is that people don't just find talking about death uncomfortable — they find the idea of talking about death uncomfortable. In general, we just don't do it.
—Eleanor Tucker, "What on earth is a death cafe?," The Guardian (London), March 22, 2014

The idea for the café mortel was simple: the gathering was to take place in a restaurant, anyone could come, and Crettaz himself would gently marshall the conversation. The only rule was that there was to be no prescription: no topic, no religion, no judgment. He wanted people to talk as openly on the subject as they could. His first café mortel took place in 2004 in the Restaurant du Théâtre du Passage in the Swiss town of Neuchâtel. … In 2010, he held one in Paris which was reported in the Independent. Jon Underwood, a former council worker living in east London, happened to read the article and, inspired, held his own death café at his house in Hackney.
—Sophie Elmhirst, "Take me to the death cafe," Prospect, January 22, 2015



二月 12, 2015 Author: admin | Filed under: 政治黨派烏龍院, 英文新字新詞

(名詞) 安全論;安全主義:一種將國家安全訂為最高原則及首要目標的政治哲學或意識型態。cf. libertarianism (自由論;自由主義)。
securitarian (adj.):安全論的;安全主義的。

However, Rafsanjani's disqualification was more surprising and the decision to block him confirms that the Islamic Republic has set the priority to a securitarian rule over a theocratic one.
—Milad Jokar, "Election in Iran: Rafsanjani's Disqualification Anchors the Islamic Republic in Securitarianism," The Huffington Post, May 28, 2013

You may object that libertarian securitarianism is more than a bit of an oxymoron, but that's the point. We live in a time of conflicting impulses. Our characteristic self-indulgence is the thought that we can have a sustainable society that maxes out both liberty and security.
—Peter Augustine Lawler, "Campus Security," The Weekly Standard, December 25, 2014


poor door

二月 10, 2015 Author: admin | Filed under: 五花八門大雜燴, 英文新字新詞

(名詞) 窮人進出的大門 (簡稱「窮門」):在不同收入人士所居住的公寓大樓,收入較低住戶專用的出入口。

A Guardian investigation has discovered a growing trend in the capital's upmarket apartment blocks — which are required to include affordable homes in order to win planning permission — for the poorer residents to be forced to use alternative access, a phenomenon being dubbed "poor doors". Even bicycle storage spaces, rubbish disposal facilities and postal deliveries are being separated.
—Hilary Osborne , "Poor doors: the segregation of London's inner-city flat dwellers," The Guardian, July 25, 2014

It's hard to imagine such a detestable ranking today. Unless, of course, you were to consider the so-called "poor door" policy in New York City. In this updated version, developers grab some tax abatements and build a more profitable, denser development than zoning would otherwise allow by agreeing to set aside some units for low-income families in deluxe, high-rise developments. But to ensure — in the Gresham sense — that bad money does not drive out good, the low-income tenants are steered to a separate entrance in the back. In some developments, "rent-regulated" tenants — who are more likely to be elderly or minorities — are required to keep their dirty mitts off the gym equipment, sky lounge furniture, and other amenities.
—Lawrence Harmon, "New York's 'poor door' policy reverts to old prejudices," The Boston Globe, July 26, 2014



二月 4, 2015 Author: admin | Filed under: 健康醫療製藥廠, 英文新字新詞

(名詞) 用來準備、配送和貯藏食物的冷凍技術、建築物及其他人工冷凍來源。這個字是由 cold + landscape 拼綴而成。

These are spaces in which a perpetual winter has distorted or erased seasonality; spaces that are located within an energy-intensive geography of previously unimaginable distance—both mental and physical—between producers and consumers. Artificial refrigeration has reconfigured the contents of our plates and the shape of our cities…

Welcome to the coldscape: the unobtrusive architecture of man's unending struggle against time, distance, and entropy itself.
—Nicola Twilley, "The Coldscape," Cabinet, November 26, 2012

The gigantic tank farms of Tropicana and Citrusuco, the world's largest orange juice producer, occupy one particular corner of the coldscape, with its own specific architecture and quirks.
—Willy Blackmore, "The Big Chill: A Look at America's Coldscape," TakePart, July 22, 2013



一月 30, 2015 Author: admin | Filed under: 常用中文成語英譯(1~10畫), 英語成語園地

put in mothballs


  • The directors have put the plans for a new subsidiary in mothballs. (董事們已將成立一家新子公司的計畫束之高閣)
  • The proposal for a new library was put in mothballs by the mayor. (設立新圖書館的方案已被市長束之高閣)



一月 29, 2015 Author: admin | Filed under: 五花八門大雜燴, 英文新字新詞

(名詞) 婚禮籌備期間態度從容、輕鬆、冷靜、不慌張的準新娘。亦寫成 bride-chilla

Anita is a bridechilla, the type of bride who wants her and her fiancé's day to be special but not at the expense of going crazy, broke or sending friends and family running for cover.
—Alana Schetzer, "Bridechilla: The anti-bridezilla of weddings," Mamamia, August 10, 2013

But the level-headed model has kept her cool in the run-up to her big day and is not a stressed-out Bridezilla.

"I'm not a Bridezilla anyway," she said.

"My sister keeps calling me a Bridechilla because I'm so chilled about everything. It's all really very relaxed."
—Melanie Finn, "Sarah leaves model friends behind for 'amazing' hen party," The Evening Herald (Dublin, Ireland), April 30, 2014


tech-free tourism

一月 26, 2015 Author: admin | Filed under: 五花八門大雜燴, 英文新字新詞

(名詞) 無科技旅遊:未攜帶手機或類似行動裝置的旅遊,尤指前往不能上網或沒有手機訊號的地方所做的旅遊。亦寫成 technology-free tourism
tech-free tourist (名詞):無科技遊客。

Tech-free tourist destinations are gaining popularity among business travellers looking for a true detox from the digital world. …

Islands are the obvious choice for tech-free tourism. Queensland's luxury Lizard Island is also proud of their no mobile phone coverage status on their 24 private beaches.
—Rachael Oakes-Ash, "Digital detox: the rise of tech-free tourism," The Sydney Morning Herald, March 11, 2013

We're adding one more travel trend to our 2014 list — tech-free tourism. If you're addicted to your gadgets and social media, going cold turkey has never been scarier. So here are our top travel destinations — with device-free policies and/or sans wifi (the horror!) — that'll help you quash that FOMO.
—Shairah Thoufeekh, "Travel Trend: Tech-Free Tourism," The Honeycombers, April 1, 2014


flash nonfiction

一月 21, 2015 Author: admin | Filed under: 教育學術大醬缸, 英文新字新詞

(名詞) 非小說類極短篇文學作品,通常由數十個或數百個字所構成。
亦寫成 flash non-fiction, flashnonfiction

On Aug. 3 from 4 to 5 p.m., Pleska will help writers locate and write about memories for "The Five Minute Memoir!" In so-called "flash nonfiction," writers take and compress particular memories to write rich, engaging mini memoirs, appropriate for sending to literary magazines that are looking for short shorts.
—"Arts Notes: July 21, 2013," Charleston Gazette, July 20, 2013

Inside the 5-inch by 7-inch journal are 131 pages filled with four pieces of flash nonfiction, four pieces of fiction and one piece of analysis.
—Peter McCrady, "Cracking the spine on 'The Austin Review'," Community Impact Newspaper, January 14, 2014



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