fun sponge

(名詞) 活動或聚會場合中讓眾人快樂不起來的沈悶無趣或脾氣瞥扭的人。亦寫成 funsponge

Yes, Grimshaw is such a misguided choice that even funsponge Barlow returning to drain all the fun from the competition would have been a more preferable alternative.
—Jon O'Brien, “10 stars who would have made better X-Factor judges than Nick Grimshaw,”, June 16, 2015

Alternatively, there is the ultimate worst-case scenario: that instead of being a world-class fun sponge with nil sense of humour he may just be right.
—Robert Kitson, “Rugby, booze and middle-aged men — the wobbling front row of the Six Nations,” The Guardian (London), February 16, 2016



(名詞 / 形容詞) 情感上或心智上仍停留在不成熟的青春期的成年人 / 情感上或心智上仍停留在青春期的成年人的。亦寫成 perma-lescent。這個字是由 permanent + adolescent 拼綴而成。
permalescence (名詞):情感上或心智上仍停留在青春期的成年狀態。

I’m sure someone already has, but if not can I [go] down as the inventor of the word “permalescent”?
—Jamie Gambell, “I’m sure someone…,” Twitter, May 24, 2013

But perhaps the most rage-inducing thing about the Collective is — it’ll probably work. Yes, it’s replacing independent living with an ongoing studenthood, a sort of perma-lescence.
—Jonn Elledge, “Collective living’s fine for students but for everybody else it stinks,” The Guardian (London), April 28, 2016


street score

(名詞) 在街上或垃圾中發現的值錢的或有用的東西。亦寫成 streetscore

註:這裡的 score 源自黑幫意為「非法取得的財物或金錢」的俚語,但在此所發現的財物當然不是非法取得的。

street score in Brooklyn!!! It’s been a while since I’ve found a gem in the trash. But this morning I stumbled upon a super clean copy of Voodounon by Lafayette Afro Rock Band.
—johnnyfego, “street score in…,” Instagram, December 6, 2015

#drseuss wisdom/ street score of the day!! #SF @ San Francisco, California
—Nezbeat, “#drseuss wisdom…,” Twitter, February 1, 2016


fast fashion

(名詞) 速時裝 - 低成本、快速做成的最新高級時裝仿製品。
fast-fashion (形容詞):速時裝的。

But despite fast fashion’s growth, chains including H&M are increasingly facing criticism over both environmental and social justice concerns. …Though fast fashion offers consumers a wider variety of styles, the rising trend has also been tied to growing amounts of textiles in landfills. …Furthermore, many fast fashion retailers rely on cheap labor to produce high quantities of their products.
—Annika Fredrikson, “H&M plans rapid growth in China amid questions on ethics of fast fashion,” Christian Science Monitor, September 24, 2015

The disaster graphically demonstrated the true cost of quickly changing trends, or “fast fashion”, for high-street brands such as Gap and Benetton: dangerous working conditions, long hours and little pay for the garment workers.
—Lizzie Rivera, “The true cost of ‘fast fashion’: why #whomademyclothes is trending this week,” The Independent (London), April 21, 2016


human cloud

(名詞) 人雲端 - 公司或企業利用網站或應用程式可以暫時雇用來執行所需工作的獨立工作者。

Employers are starting to see the human cloud as a new way to get work done. White-collar jobs are chopped into hundreds of discrete projects or tasks, then scattered into a virtual “cloud” of willing workers who could be anywhere in the world, so long as they have an internet connection.
—Sarah O'Connor, “The human cloud: A new world of work,” Financial Times, October 8, 2015

Recent developments in cloud computing have seen the addition of the ‘human element’ to the cloud and consequently the birth of the ‘human cloud’. Many organizations are already dealing with the ‘human cloud’ paradigm.
—Dania Radi, “Have You Ever Heard About the ‘Human Cloud’?,” Academy Cube, April 18, 2016


phantom offer

(名詞) 幽靈出價 - 房仲謊稱另有買家以迫使有意承購者提高房屋實際交易價格。亦寫成 phantom bid

The target is “phantom bids:” to prevent unsavoury agents from inventing nonexistent buyers to drive a home’s price up, brokerages will now have to keep documented proof of each offer brought to the table. … Since 2002, only four phantom offer cases have been prosecuted out of the four million real estate deals that took place in Ontario.
—Denise Balkissoon, “The Realtors of Oz: Bidding wars are unnecessarily sleazy,” The Globe and Mail, May 7, 2014

In yet another sign that buyers are losing their patience, the Real Estate Council of Ontario plans to introduce new regulations July 1 that are meant to crack down on so-called “phantom offers.” That’s when unscrupulous agents hint to potential buyers that they have another offer that doesn’t actually exist in the hope of extracting more money. Under the new rules, agents won’t be allowed to suggest or imply that they have another offer unless it’s signed and delivered.
—Chris Sorenson, “Thought the real estate market couldn’t get any crazier? Think again,” Maclean’s, June 13, 2015



(名詞) 自動駕駛或遙控的小船。這個字是由 robotic + boat 拼綴而成。

The unique, unmanned operation of such Roboats allows investigation, interrogation and observation at a significant distance up to 10 km from a mother ship depending always on antenna height and the range can be extended using satcoms.
—“Is Hydra a Spooky Looking Jetski?,” Superyacht News, February 28, 2015

Sea Hunter‘s size and cost open an intriguing new niche in naval operations. Imagine swarms of small, inexpensive, and above all expendable unmanned craft scouting ahead of or escorting traditional task forces. If the roboats get blown up, it costs no lives and relatively little treasure. If the roboats survive, their sensors provide invaluable intelligence to the fleet, and intelligence can win wars.
—Sydney J. Freedberg Jr., “DSD Work Embraces DARPA’s Robot Boat, Sea Hunter,” Breaking Defense, April 7, 2016



(動名詞/現在分詞) 同時進行多項與工作無關的任務或同時做多件與工作無關的事情所造成的延宕。亦寫成 multi-crastinating。這個字是由 multitasking (多工;同時做多件事) + procrastinating (耽擱,延遲) 拼綴而成。
- multicrastinate (v.); multicrastination (n.); multicrastinator (n.)

“It’s great for multicrastinating.”
—Paul Noth, “It’s great for multicrastinating” (cartoon caption), The New Yorker, March 9, 2015

It’s a great day for working from home / multicrastinating.
—Kristie Hayden, “It’s a great…,” Twitter, July 14, 2015


vanity capital

(名詞) 買來提升個人自尊心或地位的商品或服務。

What used to be known as conspicuous consumption has now morphed into what has been dubbed ‘gratuitous signalling’. Vanity capital, according to the man who coined the term, is the monetisation of narcissism, and thanks to social media, its spoils can be instantly uploaded to invoke instant envy.
—Suzanne Harrington, “Capitalising on vanity — an industry worth €3.4 trillion,” Irish Examiner, August 7, 2015

Of course, when the student paper pointed out such a large vanity capital expenditure in a year when the University was begging to increase tuition, a budgetary emergency emerged which forced the University to cut all funding to the paper.
—numerobis, “Are university administrators in a war against education?” (comment), Pharyngula, March 2, 2016



(名詞) 價值曾經超過 10 億美元、但現在大幅縮水或倒閉的科技公司。這個字是由 unicorn (成立不到 10 年但價值卻超過 10 億美元的科技公司) + corpse (屍體) 拼綴而成。

“The number of ‘unicorpses’ will soon begin to catch up with the number of unicorns,” said Gary Rieschel, Shanghai-based founder and managing director of Qiming Venture Partners.
—Paul Carsten, “Insight: In China’s O2O tech, today’s ‘unicorns’ risk becoming tomorrow’s ‘unicorpses’,” Reuters, December 9, 2015

“The speculation in private high-tech companies (the most valuable of which are known as ‘unicorns’) has also ended with a thud,” he said in the letter issued Friday. “A friend of mine said the new name for these companies is ‘unicorpse’ as many of them cannot fund their losses internally for more than a few months and now have almost no access to external funding.”
—Katia Dmitrieva, “Watsa Decries ‘Unicorpse’ Collapse as Tech Companies Lose Value,” Bloomberg, March 11, 2016