paint oneself into a corner



  • Don't volunteer to do more work in the office or you'll paint yourself into a corner. (在辦公室別自願做較多的工作,否則你會讓自己陷入困境)
  • They've painted themselves into a corner by promising to announce the results of their investigation. (他們因答應公布調查結果而讓自己陷入困境)



(名詞) 書寫錯誤。cf. typo (打字錯誤)。

Before the time of keyboards/keypunches, were spelling errors referred to as “Writos?”
—ShowerThoughts, "Before the time…," Twitter, October 30, 2013

I think there is a 'writo' on line 7: I'm sure you'll agree that "X(n) log n" should read "X(n/(p-1)) log n" ?
—Johan Nobel, "Vimeo's Staff Pick algorithm finally revealed!" (comment), Vimeo, April 1, 2015


herd misogyny

(名詞) 一群男性對女性的仇視、憎恨或對女性所做的騷擾。

When drivers aren't screaming the slur from the safety of their cars as they zip by (the preferred MO of catcallers), the reporters said men and boys tend to do it when they're in groups — at sporting events and even film premieres. Call it herd misogyny.
—Zosia Bielski, "Herd misogyny overlooks the personal," The Globe and Mail, May 12, 2015

It may have a lot to do with herd misogyny according to Alicia Versteegh, co-director of Hollaback Toronto, an organization that works to end street harassment. … When the herd or pack is together, it seems the fact they are verbally assaulting a woman doing her job is not a concern when positive reinforcement is the payoff.
—Allison Vuchnich, "'I have felt like a piece of meat': How FHRITP is sexual harassment not just a prank," Global News, May 13, 2015



(名詞) 暗中調查某人的朋友或社群媒體人脈。亦寫成 clique stalking
clique-stalker (名詞):暗中調查某人的朋友或社群媒體人脈的人。

As I scrolled down to check who was tagged in which photographs — and who was liking them and who was commenting — I fell into a pattern that one friend described as clique-stalking. That is: the sick pleasure of noticing, then picking apart, social-media interactions to determine which of your acquaintances know each other, and how, and why, and to what degree.
—Maureen O'Connor, "Clique-Stalking: Instagram's Greatest Social Pleasure," New York Magazine, April 24, 2015

Clique-stalking can best be described as a guilty pleasure that most of us may have indulged in at some point, which may or may not be born out of curiosity.
—Melissa D'Costa, "Are you guilty of clique-stalking?," DNA India, April 27, 2015



(名詞) 英國退出歐盟 (European Union, EU)。這個字是由 Britain 或 British + exit 拼綴而成。

"Brexit" would pose a grave threat to the UK car industry and the City of London, and cause foreign investment to dry up, a report for the Centre for European Reform (CER) stated.
—Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, "Wise Men warn on dangerous delusions of Brexit," The Telegraph (London), June 9, 2014

But what would "Brexit" — a British exit from the 28-nation EU — look like? Eurosceptics argue that withdrawal would reverse immigration, save the taxpayer billions and free Britain from an economic burden. Europhiles counter that it would lead to deep economic uncertainty and cost thousands, possibly even millions, of jobs.
—Katie Allen, et al., "Brexit — what would happen if Britain left the EU?," The Guardian (London), May 14, 2015



Better be the head of a dog than the tail of a lion


  • Elton: I can be the headmaster of a small senior high school, or I can be a teacher at a famous university. Which job offer do you think I should take? (艾爾頓:我可以擔任一所小型高中的校長或擔任一所著名大學的教師。妳認為我該接受那項聘用通知呢?)
    Renee: Better be the head of a dog than the tail of a lion. (蕾妮:寧為雞首,不為牛後)
  • A large multinational corporation had asked Simon to work for it, but he elected to stay with his small company as Executive Vice President, since he thought it better to be the head of a dog than the tail of a lion. (一家跨國大企業已邀請賽蒙去任職,但他選擇繼續留在他現在的小公司擔任執行副總,因為他認為寧為雞首,不為牛後)


road diet

(名詞) 道路減肥 - 道路線道數的縮減,通常是將現有的一個或多個線道 (travel lanes) 變成腳踏車專用道或停車位。

Earlier this week, the U.S. Department of Transportation announced an 18-month campaign to improve road safety across the country. One of the things DOT plans to do is create a guide to "road diets" that it will distribute to communities and local governments. DOT says that road diets can reduce traffic crashes by an average of 29 percent, and that in some smaller towns the design approach can cut crashes nearly in half.
—Eric Jaffe, "So What Exactly Is a 'Road Diet'?," City Lab, September 12, 2014

No offense to Kensington Avenue, but the road could use a little slimming down.

At least that's the thinking of the Town of Amherst, which is prescribing a "road diet" for the one-mile stretch of Kensington, between Main Street and Harlem Road.

Of course, in this case, a diet actually means restriping the county-owned road to reduce the number of travel lanes. That's expected to lower the speed of the traffic, while opening up the possibilities of adding bicycle lanes and street parking.
—Jay Rey, "'Road diet' prescribed for Kensington Avenue in Amherst," The Buffalo News, April 29, 2015

Road diet 圖片來源:Eric Fredericks (Flickr)



(名詞) 用作個人或公司的辦公室或營運中心的小屋。這個字是由 shed (小屋) + headquarters (總部,總公司) 拼綴而成。

Miles Thomas spent two and a half years on the road with her camera making the film single-handed —"I joke that I haven't got any credits for the end of the film!" — and edited it in her garden shed ("the shedquarters").
—Susan Mansfield, "Interview: May Miles Thomas on searching for Glasgow’s soul," The Scotsman (Edinburgh), February 21, 2013

The 1996 Ford Ranger he uses to haul trash is an icon on campus. So is the storage building that houses the school's physical plant. It started as a shed, so it became known as Prentice's "shedquarters."
—Ed Grisamore, "Gris: Gentle giant makes his voice heard," The Telegraph (Macon, GA), January 10, 2015


seal one's fate

決定某人的命運 (尤指厄運)。


  • His father's death sealed his fate, making it impossible for him to go to college. (他父親的過世決定了他的命運,使他無法上大學)
  • The CEO was about to make a speech that would seal the company's fate forever. (執行長即將發表決定這家公司今後命運的談話)



(名詞) 略胖、肌肉線條不明顯但有明顯啤酒肚的男性體格;有這種體格的男子。亦寫成 dad-boddad bod。這個字是由 dad + body 拼綴而成。

The dad bod is a new trend and fraternity boys everywhere seem to be rejoicing. Turns out skipping the gym for a few brews last Thursday after class turned out to be in their favor. While we all love a sculpted guy, there is just something about the dad bod that makes boys seem more human, natural, and attractive.
—Mackenzie Pearson, "Why Girls Love The Dad Bod," The Odyssey, March 30, 2015

That's what's so great about the dadbods. They enjoy life, and that's both attractive (if you're into guys) and aspirational (if you're not). There's nothing wrong with having loads of chips, or two lunches, or an entire Nandos chicken while everyone else has a half.
—Chris Mandle, "In praise of the 'dadbod'," The Telegraph (London), May 1, 2015