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(名詞) 觀念先進但對女人無感且對女權主義議題置之不理的男性。亦寫成 bro-cialist。這個字是由 bro + socialist 拼綴而成。
brocialism (n.)

My experience is that 'brocialists' don't openly embrace patriarchy; they deny it's a problem. Or they minimise it. They direct your attention elsewhere: you should be focusing on class. You're being divisive. You're just middle class (quelle horreurl). Or they attack a straw 'feminism' that is supposedly 'bourgeois' and has nothing to say about class or other axes of oppression. Or they just ignore it.
—Richard Seymour, "Laurie Penny on Brand, iconoclasm, and a woman's place in the revolution," New Statesman, November 2, 2013

The "brocialist" is generally a good leftist. His heart is probably in the right place. But he has a gigantic blind spot when it comes to women, one that is both political (he is not sensitive to feminist concerns) and personal (he can be a pig).
—Marc Tracy, "How to Talk to a 'Brocialist '," The New Republic, January 8, 2014


par for the course

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註:par for the course 中的 course 是指 golf course (高爾夫球場) 而非 school course (學校課程)。


  • I worked for days on this proposal, but it was rejected. That's par for the course in our company. (我花了好幾天的時間來擬定這項計畫,但它卻被打了回票。這種情況在我們公司是正常的,不足為奇)
  • The school budget is going to be cut again this year, but that's par for the course. (學校預算今年將再度被砍,但那是意料之中的事)



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(名詞) 金融科技公司 (創造或銷售金融技術的公司,如設計出新的貸款方式、海外轉帳方式、國際商業交易付款方式或信用風險評估方式);金融科技業。亦寫成 fin-tech 或 fin tech。這個字是由 financial + technology 拼綴而成。

Dozens of co-working spaces have sprung up, with Google's Campus the best known. Accelerators (start-up schools) and similar organisations, such as Passion Capital, Seedcamp and Techstars, abound. The cluster is also growing geographically. Canary Wharf is now home to Level39, an incubator for fintech (financial technology), smart-city and retail ventures.
—"Start me up," The Economist, October 5, 2013

Scores of fintech enterprises in London and Silicon Valley are devising new ways to lend cash, transfer money abroad, settle international commercial transactions and score credit risk — all of which have been the domain of banks for centuries.
—Edward Robinson, "In Britain, financial technology start-up is leading the challenge of traditional lending," The Washington Post, October 31, 2014


sandpit, sandbox

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(英) There are two sandpits in the classroom for the students to play in. (教室裡有兩個供學生玩耍用的沙池)
(美) There are two sandboxes in the classroom for the students to play in. (教室裡有兩個供學生玩耍用的沙池)

(英) sandpit:(供兒童玩的) 沙坑,沙池。
(美) sandbox:(供兒童玩的) 沙坑,沙池。



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(名詞) 超級社區改造 (指非常有錢的富豪遷入原已富裕的地方或中產階級社區而使後者獲得更進一步改善或發展的過程)。
super-gentrify (動詞):超級社區改造。

註:gentrification 意為「社區改造」,指較富有的人遷入原來窮人居住的地方而使後者獲得改善、中產階級化或貴族化的過程。這個字可追溯到大約 1973 年,現今在字典都可查得到。

Exploding London property prices have created a new phenomenon of "super-gentrification" that forces "ordinary" middle-class residents out of newly smart neighbourhoods, a report claims today.
—Jonathan Prynn, "New wave of rich home buyers are pushing out the middle classes," London Evening Standard, October 4, 2013

Postcode 94027 is now undergoing something of a "super-gentrification", where an entirely new strata of super-rich are taking over already affluent areas.
—Julie Ensor, "The sleepy American suburb turned super-rich playground," The Telegraph (London), October 11, 2014



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(形容詞) 認為吃一隻動物必須從鼻子到尾巴、每個部位 (包括內臟和血液) 都不能浪費的理念或運動的。

The "nose-to-tail" philosophy, which has been so heartily adopted over the past few years, has not been a conscious effort of education, it is for me a byproduct of this search for pleasure.
—Fergus Henderson, "Feet, glands, shanks, tripe. That's what I like to eat," The Observer, April 27, 2014

In culinary terms, it's called nose-to-tail.

It's the basis of traditional European cuisine and the cooking styles of most indigenous populations on Earth. If you're going to bother to hunt and slaughter an animal for food, then every single edible piece of the animal, from its nose to its tail, gets used somehow, some way.
—Neil Godbout, "Wanting a piece of the pie," Prince George Citizen (British Columbia), June 17, 2014



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(名詞) 將剖腹生產 (caesarean section) 和腹部整形 (abdominoplasty 或 tummy tuck) 結合在一起的手術。亦寫成 C-tuck 或叫做 mommy tuck。這個字是由 caesarean section + tummy tuck 拼綴而成。

Getting a c-tuck means having two surgeries in the same timeframe. Baby is born by c-section; the OB and team whisk baby away, and then a plastic surgeon comes in to remove some abdominal flesh, possibly doing some liposuction in the process.
—Elena Donovan Mauer, "C-Tucks: Genius Idea or Scary Trend?," The Bump, September 19, 2013

While there have been plenty of rumors about Brit-Brit getting some work done, she has never actually admitted it. We do know that she had tummy tucks at the time of her caesarean sections with her two children. Nothing new there. Most of the celebrity women who give birth via C-section opt for the C-tuck.
—C Hanson, "What?! Britney Spears Admits to Getting Plastic Surgery," Dudley Media Group, December 7, 2013


rainbow ceiling

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(名詞) 同性戀員工個人升遷的無形障礙。亦叫做 pink ceiling。cf. glass ceiling。

Indeed, so LGBT people face their own glass ceiling, limiting how far they can rise in a given company or career?

Those in the community see it. They even have a name for it: They call it the "pink ceiling" or the "rainbow ceiling."
—John Luciew, "Marriage inequality only beginning of burden for gays," Patriot News (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania), August 11, 2013

Chris writes:

I am an out gay man in my late 20s. I was lucky to have liberal and accepting parents that pushed me to excel in school and attend university. I consider myself a successfully "launched" millennial and I've made it my mission to break the rainbow ceiling wherever I work.
—Conor Friedersdorf, "28 Distinct Takes on Gay Marriage and Stigma," The Atlantic, April 15, 2014



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(名詞) 故意什麼事都不做。亦寫成 zero tasking, zerotasking。cf. multi-tasking (多工)。
zero-task (動詞):故意不做 (任何事情)。
zero-tasker (名詞):故意什麼事都不做的人。

This reporter saw Jan Hill at Wal-Mart last week. She was proudly wearing a shirt that said "zero-tasking" — the absolute opposite from the multi-tasking she's done the last two decades as the Burlington Public School secretary.
—Yvonne Miller, "Jan Hill trades in multi-tasking for biking and grandkids' activities," The Alva Review-Courier, July 17, 2013

What is zero-tasking? It means being, not doing. It means taking those 60 minutes and just doing nothing. Simply rest, relax, de-stress and de-load (the opposite of overload). It means just breathing—in and out, over and over—and marveling at the fact that you can breathe, that you are alive, that you are here.
—Nancy Christie, "Today is Zero-Tasking Day—Did you zero-task?," Make a Change Blog, November 3, 2013



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(名詞) 休假時進行房屋修繕、翻新。亦寫成 reno-vacation。這個字是由 renovation + vacation 拼綴而成。

In the meantime, the work crew is hard at it. Brask is the measuring assistant while Kinlee oversees. Daddy is doing the tough stuff though. He is going to need a vacation after his renovacation.
—RK, "Cute little work crew," Just RK, October 24, 2013

An overlooked home equity strategy which often pays off in big dividends, is to use some of that built up vacation time to spend a week or so getting home improvement and update projects done. The key is to work on projects that will take longer than a day but less than a week to complete. These are perfect for what I like to call a summer "renovacation!"
—William Curry, "Summer Real Estate 'Renovacation' Season Is Here!," Access Real Estate, July 15, 2014



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