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(名詞) 固定舉行選舉或舉行假選舉來假裝成民主國家的獨裁政府或獨裁國家。這個字是由 democracy + dictatorship 組合而成。

Khadija Ismayilova, an opposition journalist, says there is a new word for this kind of regime.

"Democratatorship — dictatorships pretending to democracies," she said from Baku.
—James Brooke, "Azerbaijan Presidential Vote May Reveal Cracks in Regime Support," Voice of America, October 8, 2013



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(名詞) 相信地球上的大部分生物可能或將會被巨大的火山爆發毀滅的人。

Leckie told the LA Times: "Those bison were running for the sake of running. There was nothing chasing them. There was no mudslide. They were just running."

Two weeks later, an earthquake swarm hit the Yellowstone area.

"That's when things really exploded," he told the Times. "Eruptionists and conspiracists pirated the video and misrepresented it, suggesting that it was shot after the earthquakes."
—Katy Muldoon, "Yellowstone bison stampede fact check: They didn't predict diddly," Oregon Live, April 4, 2014

The difference between my interest and that of eruptionists is that they think the big bang will happen tomorrow because it didn’t happen today.
—Ken Newton, "Amid the mysteries of Elwood," St. Joseph News-Press, April 5, 2014


trigger warning

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(名詞) 書籍、電影或其他素材事先對於其含有可能引發痛苦情緒或精神創傷反應之內容所提出的警告。亦寫成 trigger alert

All GSIs and professors of social science and humanities courses should undergo training comparable to that of intergroup dialogue facilitators to ensure heightened sensitivity to diverse perspectives. Instructors should also make a concerted effort to give students "trigger warnings" that alert them to upcoming class materials that could be potentially offensive, explicit or controversial.
—"From the Daily: Let's talk about race," The Michigan Daily, March 20, 2014

The latest attack on academic freedom comes not from government authorities or corporate pressure but from students. At UC Santa Barbara, the student Senate recently passed a resolution that calls for mandatory "trigger warnings" — cautions from professors, to be added to their course syllabi, specifying which days' lectures will include readings or films or discussions that might trigger feelings of emotional or physical distress.
—"Warning: College students, this editorial may upset you," Los Angeles Times, March 31, 2014


lay it on the line

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  • You're just going to have to lay it on the line and tell Sam his work's not good enough. (你一定要實話實說,告訴山姆,他的工作做得不夠好)
  • Mom really laid it on the line and told me I couldn't get my pocket money unless all my grades went up. (媽媽很明白地告訴我,除非我全部成績都有提升,否則別想拿到零用錢)


global weirding

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(名詞) 全球極端或不可預測之天氣狀況的次數和範圍逐漸增加。

There's a broad scientific consensus that climate change will bring us a wide variety of freakish weather in the years ahead. Tom Friedman, the New York Times columnist, likes the term "global weirding" to describe what’s happening and what's coming. So do I. And what we're experiencing right now is just an overture to the loud, raucous, percussion-heavy climate symphony that lies ahead for us.
—Bob Keeler, "The Earth is speaking, folks, and it's angry," Newsday, November 12, 2012

She explains that cold-weather conditions have prompted some confusion over the use of the phrase "global warming." In the US, where it is used more often, some advocates suggest replacing it with the term "global weirding."
—Sarah Shearman, "Lessons learned from a decade of climate change messaging," PR Week, February 21, 2014


ephemeral sharing

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(動名詞/現在分詞) 短暫的分享 - 以電子方式分享照片、檔案或其他內容,但只允許接受者短暫地瀏覽和檢視。

While photo documentation used to connote some level of importance, the ubiquitousness of Facebook and the popularity of documenting the mundane has created a situation where deciding not to document something tends to give it more meaning. As a result, the ephemeral sharing of a moment on Snapchat begins to release users from the tensions caused by "hyper documentation."
—Katharine Schwab, "Snapchat takes digital retro: free to be candid," The San Francisco Chronicle, August 11, 2013

With consumer devices now an integral part of the workplace and use of file-sharing tools like Dropbox and Box increasing, enterprises are scrambling to protect their sensitive information. The idea of endowing files with a finite lifespan before they self-destruct is appealing, because it offers senders greater control over data as they share it externally.

Today, new applications are emerging that provide this type of ephemeral sharing capability. Unlike the digital rights management solutions of yore, these technologies are cloud-based, simple to use, and can be easily integrated into users' workflows.
—Joe Moriarity, "The Snapchat Effect: Self-Detonating Data in the Enterprise, " Wired Innovation Insights, December 12, 2013


know one's place

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(形容詞) 對災難、苦難、痛苦、不幸和困苦等漠不關心、無動於衷或視而不見的。

Research by psychologists suggests Britain is very far from a "walk on by" culture.

Mark Levine, of Lancaster University, studied thousands of hours of CCTV footage of late night violence, and found that in the great majority of cases people do step in and try to defuse violent situations.
—"Intervene or walk-on-by? What would you do when confronted by an act of violence and a victim in need of help?," South Wales Evening Post, April 12, 2013

The image is shocking. For an hour, a little girl, clutching her doll, stands in a crowded shopping centre, clearly lost and appealing for help. But none of the adults stops. Hundreds ignore her until a kindly grandmother, who had already walked past, turns round and asks the seven-year-old if she is all right.

This is the scene to be witnessed on Little Girl Lost, a Channel Five documentary that purports to demonstrate how we have become a "walk-on-by" nation cowed by paedophile hysteria, suffocating criminal records checks and an irrational suspicion of all adult males
—Phillip Johnston, "Would you help a lost girl, or just walk on by?," The Telegraph, March 24, 2014



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(名詞) 成立不到 10 年但價值卻超過 10 億美元的科技公司。

What's more, the number of $100 million plus funding rounds last year doubled compared to 2010, and one much-buzzed-about report shows there are more than two dozen tech startups valued at more than $1 billion. There's even a new catchphrase for such startups, which include Dropbox, Uber and Snapchat: "unicorns," denoting both their rareness and their dazzling promise.
—Peter Delevett, "Venture capital looks to be in a full-blown recovery — but is it too much, too soon?," San Jose Mercury News, February 7, 2014

Forget the $1 billion "unicorns" out there — the last year has been all about the rise of the $10 billion companies — both Dropbox and Chinese mobile hardware company Xiaomi both had rounds at $10 billion valuations, raising hundreds of millions of dollars.
—Lauren Hockenson, "Airbnb reportedly set to raise up to $500M at $10B valuation," Gigaom, March 20, 2014


whip into +
Tom whipped into the convenience store for a packet of cigarettes.

word * up +
The lawyer worded her client up before the police interview, so they go very little out of him.

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